Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Freedom of speech, religion, etc...

Harrisonburg, VA.

Last week in Harrisonburg Virginia a story surfaced of a man who was fired from his job at Cargill for having the above message on the window of his truck. The link to the story is as follows and goes into more detail. The Marriage Amendment will be voted on this election in Virginia on November 7th and has become a hot issue at times. It supports the marriage between one woman and one man and has surfaced in many different forms in the area. Seems the "Progressives" have a problem with this amendment and in fact their candidate for Virginia Senate Jim Webb is against it. Many people have come out stating that it is in the Virginia Constitution already and does not need to be voted on. The problem here is that they fail to mention States like Mass who has had Liber Progressive Judges who have determined these laws to be un-contitutional and we now have Gay marriage in that state.

On RightsideVA I had a post about this issue http://rightsideva.blogspot.com/2006/09/how-to-vote-and-what-not-to-vote-for.html at which time I had an election official tell me that I did not need to vote for the marriage amendment because it was already law.

The Harrisonburg newspaper the Daily News Record had several articles on this issue.

"Padilla, 40, supports the marriage amendment. On his truck’s rear window he wrote, "Please, vote for marriage on Nov. 7."

Not that radical, not over the line, and seems to be a simple statement to me...

Link to DNR


Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

Very disturbing! Love how the "tolerant" left is so protective of 1st amendment rights!

They've been trying to suppress voices locally as well--can't tell you how many signs in the city have been stolen.

Are they that afraid of free speech? Or are they that filled with hate? Or are they ignorant?

I'm sure Zen w/ his moveon sound bites will follow up shortly with a response. Can't wait to hear how he defends this one!

zen said...

Sorry to disappoint you by not living up to your skewed prejudice of me elle. I think it is wrong to terminate someone for expressing their opinions.

However that said, it's no surprise that Rightside intentionally mixes the message here. Real shocker I know. Is the aim of this post, as the title suggests, "Freedom of speech, religion, etc..."? A commentary about protecting an individual's freedom? Or is it to take a stand on the issue of the marriage amendment?

Of course it's both. Because only other people are bias.

It's really sad what's happened to that fundamental conservative value of smaller less intrusive government.

RightsideVA said...


"it's no surprise that Rightside intentionally mixes the message here."

How so?
Where are your buddies the ACLU on this?
It's all over national coverage but yet where is the almighty ACLU protecting this guy?

Oh, sorry, wrong agenda...

zen said...

I don't speak for the ACLU, but personally I think they should get involved on Padilla's behalf.
Before you bash the ACLU too hard remember they've also sided with your buddy Rush.

Too bad your broad stokes don't always work out huh?

zen said...

The mixing of the messages:
Are you citing this article/story because it is about an infringment on Pidilla's free expression? Thus the reason you now bring up the ACLU.
Are you citing the story because of your position on the amendment?

Simply answer this. Would you be calling for the ACLU if Pidilla was fired for a message that advocated a "no" vote? Would you have even cared about his plight and featured it here?

RightsideVA said...


If you look at the sign that Padilla had on his truck it said "Vote Yes for Marriage on Nov 7th"

Never says anything about a amendment. Are you claiming you know how I support or feel on this issue? Have I ever stated that I will vote "Yes" on the amendment?

I see the "NO" vote message all over Staunton and the likes, do I call that un-fair? Tell me what I think, I would like to know....

zen said...

Come on man. You are really streeeeetching on that one. But you make me smile with your cleverness.
I see a couple of pictures that say it for you on your site.

I've never insinuated, implied or stated in any way that you feel yard signs were un-fair. I don't feel that you think that's unfair.

Still would like an answer to the question: Would you be calling for the ACLU if Pidilla was fired for a message that advocated a "no" vote? Would you have even cared about his plight and featured it here?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Zen, no would would HAVE to call on the ACLU if Padilla was fired for a "no" message ... they would have been at his door in a heartbeat offering their services. The hypocrisy with you and others continues.

The ACLU is supported by taxpayers ... that's me ... so they should represent everyone. Heck -- they shouldn't even be in existence!! They've done more damage to this country than just about any other organization. But that's another discussion for another day....

RightsideVA said...

"Still would like an answer to the question: Would you be calling for the ACLU if Pidilla was fired for a message that advocated a "no" vote? Would you have even cared about his plight and featured it here?"

Would not have to call for the ACLU for they would have been there in a heartbeat and you know that. What is interesting is the silence of the ACLU on this incident.

Anonymous said...

Unless he was fired for performance or violation of a clearly stated and equally enforced enforced policy he should be able to sue the pants off of Cargill. Right is right and Wrong is wrong. Political affliation has nothing to do with a wrongfull discharge, and if it did woe on Cargill, hope they have a fat check book.

I don't advocate lawsuits, but if it is blatant discrimination......

Oh..and the discrimination laws are there we just need to use them. The ACLU can drie up and blow away...they are a waste of resources, just like Unions.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Luis Padilla is a remarkable young man. I heard him speak at the Marriage Amendment rally in Harrisonburg Friday ... and he feels this country in his heart. He is passionate about the wonderful freedoms we enjoy and he is passionate about his family ... and he is grateful and thankful to be here. He's not even an American citizen yet (he's working on it) but he probably feels the patriotism and love of country more than the protestors on the street who were rude enough to intrude into our rally and try to deny our First Amendment right of freedom of speech.