Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Assassination?

The Washington Times reported on the college Professor from New Jersey who e-mailed his student and told her "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors". The student had requested the Professor to announce that a Veteran of the Iraq war would be speaking at the college. The Professor also wrote and vowing to "expose her right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like this won't dare show their faces on a college campus."

Since these statements, the professor has resigned just before the college held a meeting as to what to do with this guy and his statements. Also in the news this week there have been numerous stories on how military recruiters are being harrassed and kept out of high school and college campuses.

No matter what N.Y. Rep Charlie Rangel tells you, the facts show that a strong cross section of the recruits to the military shows a diverse assortment of social and economic status in those joining. The re-enlistment of those in the military is at a high level as so is the morale of the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan who are proud to be serving.

Before you start typing your reply:
  • Cindy Sheehan's son volunteered to join the military...
  • Cindy Sheehan's son re-enlisted in the military when he had the opportunity and choice...
  • Cindy Sheehan's son volunteered for the rescue mission that he was killed on...

Think maybe the professor will show up in the ditch with Cindy down in Texas?...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

There it is...

And there it is...
When was the last time you saw a photo of the attacks that happened on September 11th, 2001?
With all of the talk about the accuracy of the intelligence after 911 and before going into Afghanistan and Iraq, when was the last time you saw this photo?

The media has determined that exposing the public to these photos and video footage would be detrimental to the public well being. It would only further the burden to the families who lost members in these attacks and delay the healing process.

Remember the fear, anger, and compassion after the attacks?
Remember how the country rallied together and the outpouring of donations to those in need? Remember how all of the members of Congress stood on the steps of the capitol building and sang "God Bless America"?

Remeber how the Democrats stood behind the President and his efforts to go after the terrorist and those who protected and gave aid to the terrorist?
Remember how many of them saw the same intelligence reports that the President saw and made just as strong statements for the removal of terrorist, their leaders, and specifically the removal of Saddam Hussein?

Do you believe the Democrats really supported the President out of loyalty to the country and it's citizens?
Do you think maybe they feared that if they were not seen taking a strong stance like the President against the terrorist, it would be political suicide for them?
Do you think they would be attacking the President and the war on terrorism if the citizens still had that "Fire and Sting" we all felt after the 911 attacks?

It has been 4 years since we were attacked and there are those who are becoming weak and un-certain of the war on terrorism.

Maybe we need to see and remember the pain that these photos bring from time to time.

Monday, November 21, 2005

"Oh yeah, I remember now..."

Reports are coming out now that Bob Woodward of the Washington Post now remembers having somebody high up in the administration telling him of the CIA Super-Secret, (Known to everybody on her block) Valerie Plame a long time ago. Interesting on how he all of a sudden remembered this just after Fitzgerald only brought indictment against the little guy in the administration. These guys will do whatever they can to try to bring the Bush administration down at any opportunity.

Hey, did the Democrats find that magical mystery lost ballot box with 5,000 votes not yet counted for Deed's yet? Just a matter of time before they bring that one out!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Exposing Liberal Hypocrisy"

Peter Schweizer had a great article in NewsMax this month where he exposes the hypocrisy of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif
and some of her buddies out there. This link goes into part of it but here are some more
items that are in the printed NewsMax that are not on the website article.

Senator John Kerry

Says: The "Super-Rich" are not paying their fair share of taxes:
Does: Pays less then 15% of income in taxes, although along with his wife he is worth in excess of $700 million

Al Franken

Says: Conservatives are racist because they lack diversity and oppose affirmative action.
Does: Has hired less than 1% African American employees over the past 15 years....

Barbra Streisand

Says: Americans need to cut back on their conspicuous consumption and to protect the environment.
Does: Spends $22,000 a year to water her lawn; maintains a 12,000 ft2 air conditioned barn...

Hillary Clinton

Says: 13 year old girls are capable of deciding to have abortions without parental consent.
Does: Prevented Chelsea, then 13, from getting her ears pierced because she "wasn't ready for them"...