Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Don't forget the batteries"!!!...


"Environment: Feeling a bit smug about owning that hybrid? Better rein in that contempt for those who still drive primitive conventional cars. It seems that a Hummer is more ecologically friendly than a Prius."

Once again the IBD (Investor Business Daily) has some information that you just don’t see in the MSM (Mainstream Media) or a Al Gore cartoon and in fact it seems he forgot to mention this in his “Hollywood” appearance in front of Congress…

Turns out when you take everything into consideration those neat little Hybrid cars that you see zipping around town, with decals giving you a “Middle Green Finger”, are responsible for a considerable amount of pollution.

“The nickel for the Prius is mined in Sudbury, Ontario, and smelted at a plant nearby. Toyota buys 1,000 tons of nickel from the plant each year."

So far, so green? Maybe not. The landscape around the plant at the city's edge alarms environmentalists. Some eco-activists blame the bleak, lifeless countryside near the facility in part on its 1,250-foot smokestack that belches acid-rain-causing sulphur dioxide.”

Like when ordering out of the Sierra club magazine, “Don’t Forget the Shipping cost”

“But there's more. From the Sudbury plant, the smelted nickel is shipped to Europe, where it's refined in Wales. Next, it's sent to China, where it's manufactured in nickel foam. The nickel is then moved to Japan, where Prius batteries are made. But the long, fossil-fuel-burning journey doesn't end there.”

“After the batteries are placed in the Prius, some of the nickel is round-tripped back to North America while some is shipped to Europe in cars sold outside Japan.”

Now should I keep my truck that gets 22 mpg and has 250,000+ miles and still runs well, or should I go out and get a Prius to save the environment? Buy a Prius and take Ontario off the “Potential Vacation Visit” list?…

“Then there's the expected life span of the Prius: 100,000 miles, or a third of the Hummer's, says CNW. Toyota would have to go through the same 'build, sell, drive and dispose' process three times for three Priuses to provide the same amount of service provided by one H3”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D)...

Madame Speaker,
"The United States Marines NEVER quit...
Neither should we"...

Thursday, March 22, 2007



Brent Bozell has a great article over on Investor Business Daily about the free on-line “Encyclopedia” created, edited on-line, and referred to by many of the “Progressive” Left…

My first experience with “Wikipedia” was shortly after the first Senator George Allen \ Jim Webb debate that was held at the Homestead last year. During that debate Senator Allen brought up a Virginia State related issue concerning the Port and area around Craney Island. Jim Webb was caught off guard and did not know of any of the projects conducted there by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, it’s major fueling depot for the United States Navy, and critical habitat for birds such as pelicans, osprey, piping plover, and other endangered species.

Within days I found reference to Craney Island, and the use of it by Senator Allen to show how little Jim Webb knew of the State of Virginia which he now represents in Congress, on Wikipedia and linked to by many Liberal Bloggers.

The interesting thing was not the information concerning the actual Craney Island but the use of this issue in a debate. (The reference to the Allen\Webb debate has since been removed).

“Wikipedia is an "open-source" encyclopedia, a reference source anyone can create. The danger in this system becomes very obvious, very quickly.

Recently, the comedian and movie star Sinbad had to announce that he was not, in fact, dead of a heart attack at age 50, as his Wikipedia entry claimed. "Somebody vandalized the page," claimed Wikipedia spokeswoman Sandra Ordonez.”

So if you need a source to refer to why not go to one that can\will be written to fit the agenda?

“Not only can Wikipedia articles be written by anyone with Internet access; others can then edit that material by adding off-setting and consequently off-putting material whose purpose is to create intellectual mischief.”

But how can this be? It looks like an on-line encyclopedia. It has impressive graphics and many links. It uses such a “Progressive” format.

“You can add to that the problem with the credentials of its staff. One of its editors, named only "Essjay" online and described in his user profile "as a tenured professor of religion at a private university with expertise in canon law," was recently exposed as a 24-year-old college kid in Kentucky. He resigned in disgrace — even though Wikipedia tried to retain him, claiming he'd edited thousands of articles with flair.”

Want some more “Flair”? Check out the section on Jim Webb that Wikipedia maintains… Beware…

Middlebrook General Store...


Took a ride out into the country today and found myself in Middlebrook VA. and making a stop at The Middlebrook General Store for lunch...

Once inside I remembered why it is good to get away from the main town and to take the time to stop at smaller businesses and establishments... Best of all is the small sign board I found near the front window...

What to do with all that PORK ???...


The guys over at AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY FOUNDATION have some interesting comments regarding the "Pork-Laden" Virginia budget that Democratic Governor Tim Kaine must sign, reject, or alter and re-submit. "The governor does have line-item veto power and could strike the local projects from the budget, but that is unlikely."

It seems that the Senators\Delegates like to tack on extra-pork projects so that they can return to their districts and show their constituents what "Bacon" they brought back to them from Richmond...

"Governing well should not be about who can bring home the most bacon," said Whitney Duff, the Virginia director for Americans for Prosperity. "Virginia taxpayers work hard for their money and don't deserve to see their tax dollars going to fund pet projects to try and curry favor with voters."

"All session, we have witnessed the ongoing debates on transportation funding, and a number of lawmakers have expressed concerns about utilizing general fund dollars to fund much-needed congestion relief projects on our roadways," Duff said. "Those same lawmakers apparently have little problem requesting that hundreds of millions of those same general fund dollars be spent on their own little pet projects."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NewsLeader gets the credit...

After being somewhat critical of the lack of coverage about local Republican events in the past by the NewsLeader, it was good to see their coverage of the VCAP endorsement on Monday...

Scott Sayre for Senate...

.Several new links to articles covering the endorsement of Republican State Senate Candidate Scott Sayre by V.C.A.P...
Chris Graham had a good article over at The New Dominion at:
And also at the Sayre for Senate site:

Monday, March 19, 2007

VCAP endorses Scott Sayre...


Virginia Conservative Action PAC ( will endorse Virginia’s 24th Senate District Republican candidate, Scott Sayre, on Monday, March 19, at the Augusta County Courthouse at 12:15pm.

VCAP’s Executive Director, Robin DeJarnette, will be holding a press conference on the Augusta County Courthouse steps in Staunton at 12:15pm on Monday, March 19, to officially announce VCAP’s endorsement of 24th District candidate Scott Sayre.

Augusta County Courthouse
1 East Johnson Street
Staunton, VA 24401

In a released statement, VCAP said, “Priorities of fiscal discipline, responsible spending, and addressing the illegal immigration pandemic make Scott Sayre the best candidate for the 24th District.”

In addition to an endorsement speech and an introduction of Scott Sayre by Robin DeJarnette, Scott Sayre will be present to accept the endorsement and address all those in attendance.


Jacob Parrish

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Support the Troops, Support the Mission...


18 March 2007
Staunton, Virginia

It was a rally to show support not just for the Troops serving in the war on terrorism but to also show support for the mission that they\we are involved in. To show support in a mission that may have become “Unpopular” to many who do not understand what the “War on Terrorism” involves and that if it is not engaged in terrorist countries it will be engaged here in the United States.

The rally was started with a prayer for the safety of the Troops serving as well as complete success of their mission. The only sound during this time was horns blowing in the back ground by passing motorist showing their support...

Those in attendance then showed their respect to the flag of the United States with their Pledge of allegiance to the flags presented by this "Special Honor-Guard" ...

Numerous Veterans from prior wars were on hand to show their support for active duty military as well as support for the mission. These men have seen war and know of the importance of support from home...

Ssgt. Herb Harman was present and spoke about his recent year long duty served in downtown Baghdad fighting the war on terrorism. During this time his squad had the responsibility of protecting the Iraqi Prime minister and his men were proud to be center stage in the efforts to establish a free, democratic, government in Iraq. He also spoke of how the mission is not completed and the importance of completing this work in the region. He also told me that it is likely that he will be called back to duty in Iraq and that nobody “looks forward” to going back into battle, but he and his men understand the importance of completing the mission and “Look forward” to being part of that completion.

Rhonda Winfield read a letter that she had presented to Cindy Sheehan to those gathered to show their support to the troops and the military personnel lost in this conflict. It was a response to Sheehan’s anti-war protests and to let her know that “Cindy does not speak for all”…

Republican State Senate Candidate Scott Sayre spoke of his military service and the importance of supporting both the Troops and the mission. During his military service Sayre was responsible for the security of many high level military members and responding to the threats against them.

Numerous members of the local Augusta County "Patriot Guard" were in attendance to show their support for the rally and the Troops mission.

Chris over at “Spank That Donkey” has many impressive photos and comments about the rally at:

Support the Troops...


Support the Troop's
Support the Mission
- Staunton Virginia -
18 March 2007