Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Dem, Democrat, Democratic, (D)," ..... Which one?


Several times in the past it has been questioned which term should be used when describing a member of the Democratic Party. Now I am sure there is a host of names, descriptions, phrases, nick-names, designations, aka’s, epithets, titles, etc. that we have for Democratic Party members such as Hillary, Dean, Webb, and Reid but that is another post in the works.

When referring to a member of this party what is the best term to use?

Let’s say you are writing about candidate Jim Webb…
(Careful with your description for there may be children that see your choices, not that Jim Webb would care what they saw…)

Would it be Democrat Candidate Jim Webb?
Or Democratic Candidate Jim Webb?
Or Dem Candidate Jim Webb?
Or Candidate Jim Webb (D)?
(Senator Jim Webb is not an option…)

Today the Staunton NewsLeader printed my letter to the Editor and took care of this pressing question in choice of title to use. Above is the copy that the NewsLeader decided to print.

Below is the actual text that I submitted for print.

"The Delegates stood up to Governor Kaine who wants to once again raise our taxes after promising not to during his campaign and claims that there is a transportation "crisis". Democratic Governor Kaine wants to raise taxes again even when we have a billion dollar plus surplus that he wants to save for a "Rainy Day" fund which sounds like another diversion of our tax money.Times are tough. But we are fortunate to have leaders who stand up and make tough decisions for what is right for us and our future…"

Notice what the Staunton Newsleader decided to print, or failed to print, when I named Governor Tim Kaine as the man who wants to once again raise the taxes on Virginia taxpayers when we already have a billion dollar surplus?

Seems the Staunton NewsLeader decided it was best NOT to identify Governor Tim Kaine as the Democrat that he is and member of the party who continues to strive for higher taxes…

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Webb stands for: uh, uh, can I get back to you on that?


United Conservatives has come up with another great post that is actually a re-play that was requested many times...

Great Job!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Freedom of speech, religion, etc...

Harrisonburg, VA.

Last week in Harrisonburg Virginia a story surfaced of a man who was fired from his job at Cargill for having the above message on the window of his truck. The link to the story is as follows and goes into more detail. The Marriage Amendment will be voted on this election in Virginia on November 7th and has become a hot issue at times. It supports the marriage between one woman and one man and has surfaced in many different forms in the area. Seems the "Progressives" have a problem with this amendment and in fact their candidate for Virginia Senate Jim Webb is against it. Many people have come out stating that it is in the Virginia Constitution already and does not need to be voted on. The problem here is that they fail to mention States like Mass who has had Liber Progressive Judges who have determined these laws to be un-contitutional and we now have Gay marriage in that state.

On RightsideVA I had a post about this issue at which time I had an election official tell me that I did not need to vote for the marriage amendment because it was already law.

The Harrisonburg newspaper the Daily News Record had several articles on this issue.

"Padilla, 40, supports the marriage amendment. On his truck’s rear window he wrote, "Please, vote for marriage on Nov. 7."

Not that radical, not over the line, and seems to be a simple statement to me...

Link to DNR