Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Bush lied?, Let's go to the Audio-Tape..."

Radio Talkshow host Larry Elder...

Radio Talkshow host Larry Elder has a great article in Worldnet Daily about how the evidence is starting to come out that Iraq did have WMD's and moved them to Syria. Seems there are 12 hours of audio tape that has Saddam and his boys talking about how they fooled the United Nations inspecters and other info on how the weapons have been moved to Syria...

The interesting thing is that there are thousands of hours on these tapes that still need to be translated and find out what else there is to be learned...

How is it that the mainstream media is still not talking about this?
Should not we be worried about where the WMD's were transported?
Maybe the Mainstream media is worried that these tapes prove there were WMD's and that President Bush did not lie to go to war...

That will be the real story...

Hardball with Andrew Clem...

Playing hard ball down in
Richmond VA.

Andrew Clem has a great post about the "Games" being played down in Richmond by Governor Kaine. Seems Tim has gone back on several campaign promises and is threatening holding session longer because the delegates did not allow his guy to get in...

Good posting, check it out:

Supporting the Troops...

Sgt. with MWD "Military Working Dog"

Our local Republican group is working with a local business in Churchville VA. that took on the project of sending weekly "Care Packages" to the troops serving in Iraq. The response to this project was overwhelming and plans are being made to help the business owner with their efforts this season.
Please look back for more information as we get closer to the kickoff Memorial Day weekend...

True cost of Gasoline...

How much did i pay for that?....

There has been alot of talk about the amount of "Profit" the big evil oil companies have been making recently and why we should Tax them to make it fair...
Came across some information on how much we pay for gasoline and where the money actually goes as far as cost of crude, transportation, refining, and taxes...

Interesting fact, most oil companies make an average 13% profit when all is said and done. The average McDonalds makes 28%+...

The average cost of a gallon of gasoline can be broken down into 5 sections:

Crude oil: this money is what is actually paid to the suppliers of the crude oil. Most of this money goes to OPEC countries and is the reason why we should seek our own sources of crude and alternative energy sources... 43%

Taxes: There are many who say that petroleum is big business. One of the biggest "Partners" is the state & federal government... 31%

Refining Costs & Profits: This is the amount of money that the actual Big Oil Companies make but includes cost and profit... 13%

Distribution & Marketing Costs & Profits: The actual cost of transporting the crude to the refineries and then gasoline to the gas stations... 13%

Gas Stations Profits: This is the markup that is made by the individual gas station operator. This amount varies from location to location and can be little as a few cents per gallon up to over $.10 a gallon...

Historical Gas Prices(Adjusted for inflation)
Price Per Gallon
1950 $1.91
1955 $1.85
1960 $1.79
1965 $1.68
1970 $1.59
1975 $1.80
1980 $2.59
1985 $1.90
1990 $1.51
1995 $1.28
2001 $1.66
2002 $1.31
2003 $1.52
2004 $1.79
Source: U.S. DOE

Global Gas Prices per Gallon:

Amsterdam $6.48

Oslo, Norway $6.27

Milan Italy $5.96

Denmark $5.93

Belgium $5.91

Venezuela $0.12

Nigeria $0.38

Cairo Egypt $0.65

Kuwait $0.78

Saudi Arabia $0.91