Friday, February 16, 2007

46,000,000 Uninsured... or, so...


The next time your favorite(?) Democrat trots out their famous claim of there being over 46 million uninsured Americans out there here are some of the numbers that make up their claims… And are all of those Americans really legal Americans?…

Investors Business Daily provided some interesting numbers that make up this “reoccurring election talking point” for our democratic friends but ones they don’t seem to mention to often.

45% are uninsured for four months or less…
29% lack coverage for more than a year…
15.9% of the population is “uninsured” by recent numbers…
16.3% of the population were uninsured during “Clinton’s Year” of 1998...
1.4 million more people in 2005 had insurance than the year before…
86% of the growth of uninsured between 1998 and 2003 were immigrants…
26% of the now uninsured are immigrants as compared to 19% in 1994...
40% of the uninsured are under the age of 34 years…
14 million uninsured adults & children are eligible for government coverage…

“Looked at more closely, then, you see that most of the uninsured are young, between jobs, moving to industries that don't offer coverage, or eligible for government programs. True, a gap in coverage can be a problem, and many still have no coverage for long spells.
But fixing these problems requires targeted reforms that make it easier for people to buy insurance on their own, and carry it with them as they change jobs — just like people do with auto insurance or homeowner's insurance."

"It means getting rid of costly state mandates that push up the price of coverage. It means fixing the tax code bias against out-of-pocket spending on health care. It means creating viable high-risk insurance pools for those who can't get coverage for health reasons, and making sure people sign up for available public help"…

So the next time this issue gets dragged out during the next two-year campaign think about who makes up that 46,000,000 and the choices some of the “Uninsured” make…
It reminds me of the 20 year old at work who does not have health insurance for both her and her husband are young and would rather spend their income on “more important stuff”… That and paying off the $6,000 Honeymoon that they put on their credit cards…

Which way you headed, Tim?

What direction is "Democratic" Governor Tim Kaine going with the Transporation issue? It has been noted that he has been missing at times when he promised to make this issue a "high priority"...

Southwest x Southeast has some interesting points over at his site:

Pretty much "Sums" it up...


An avid blogger just sent this graphic over saying it would go well with the post prior to this about the "Democratic" Governor who wants to keep the General Fund-Surplus for his projects and not use it for transportation...

Spanky also has a great post about this topic on his blog "Spank That Donkey":

Which way will the "Brow" go this time?...


Virginia "Democratic" Governor Tim Kaine needs to step up to the plate and actually get something done with the Transportation plan, which the local media loves to talk about "How the Republicans once again are doing nothing". And it is evident that the "Democratic" Governor has the support of the local media here in the Valley for the "Staunton NewsLeader" seems to have their weekly rant about transportation at least once a week, without calling on the "Democratic" Governor to do something...

The Washington Times has a good article on the topic of how the "Democratic" Governor needs to get involved and support the best transportation plan to get something done, if he really does want to get something done with transportation. But maybe the "Democratic" Governor would really rather see a solution to the transportation fail once again only to benefit the Governor and his "Democratic" party in the upcoming elections???

"Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican, said Mr. Kaine has been "missing in action" and thinks he and fellow Democrats would rather see talks fail so they can rip Republicans this fall when all 140 seats of the General Assembly are up for election."

Once again it seems the "Democratic" Governor does not want to touch anything from the General fund which has a substantial balance in it from the Tax Increase that was rammed thru by the prior "Democratic" Governor Mark Warner. It appears that the Governor has other plans for our tax money and claims it is needed for teachers, police, human services, and other "Voter blocs". But will this surplus really be used in these areas by the "Democratic" Governor?

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell said:

"He's got to decide whether he wants a significant policy achievement on transportation or have a political achievement in having a bill fail, then blame Republicans," he said. "I think the governor, having made this the top issue, has some moral obligation to work something out."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"GATHERING OF EAGLES"... Eagle Watch ~Virginia~...


This was forwarded to me by a local Conservative Republican who understands the importance of standing up for what is right.

'Gathering of Eagles' to protect Vietnam Veterans Wall

By C.J. Raven
U.S. Veteran Dispatch
February 07, 2007

"Leftist activists who march to the Pentagon next month will discover that their path won't be as clear as it has been in the past."

"The group, led by Cindy Sheehan, Jane Fonda, Ed Asner and their ilk, plan to gather March 17 at the Vietnam Memorial Wall to begin a march to protest America's involvement in the Iraq war. The date marks the fourth anniversary of the war's beginning."

"This time, however, protestors will see objectors if they spit on Iraqi veterans again, or throw paint on a war memorial. This time, they will encounter a buzz saw of Vietnam veterans and supporters who will gather to protect the Wall, and show their support for U.S. troops. The counter-protestors are calling themselves the Gathering of Eagles."

Please visit the following website for more information and support this effort...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Plenty of Love"...


“Liberal political commentator” Donna Brazile had her opinion printed in the Washington Times (Zen?) this past week where she asked “Where is the Love”? in the budget that the President just submitted. Once again she turned it into the same old tired talking points that her “Democratic” party has been spewing for years and yet she fails to note that which has happened over the past 6 years…

“Looking at President Bush's budget for fiscal 2008, I can't help but conclude that the only things he cares about are the war in Iraq and protecting the bank accounts of America's wealthiest citizens. Certainly, the president, who once campaigned as a compassionate conservative, has overlooked the poor, those living on fixed incomes and even the middle-class.”

Also last week there was an article by Robert Caldwell that answers some of Brazile’s questions and areas that she failed to mention in her statements. Donna, like many of her Liberal friends and media cohorts, loves to harp on how much the war on terrorism has cost and how else that money could have been spent on them instead. This reminds me of a anti-war protester from the “Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice” who routinely protests in Staunton Virginia by holding a sign with a dollar figure of how much has been spent on the war instead of her favorite “entitlement” program. Like Donna this protester fails to note all that HAS been done for her favorite programs and a very strong economy that supports these programs… I want a Pony!!!”

“Lest liberals forget, federal spending increased 33 percent from 2001 to 2006. Discretionary spending (excluding Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements) rose by 49 percent over those same five years.
Increases for specific domestic spending categories were positively eye-popping: Medicare, 58 percent; education, 137 percent; veterans' benefits, 56 percent; health research and regulation, 78 percent; highways and mass transit, 28 percent; natural resources and the environment, 28 percent; community and regional development, 342 percent; training, employment and social services, 19 percent; housing and commerce, 58 percent; general government, 34 percent; and energy, an average annual increase of 211 percent.”

Of course Donna falls back on her Democratic parties game plan of “Playing the class warfare card” whenever possible…

“Our government exists to serve the powerless, protect the weak and defend the vulnerable, as well as others. Children, seniors, the poor and those barely making it -- those are the people who need the government's help. Those are the ones it should serve. Not oil tycoons. Not multinational corporations exporting jobs. Not CEOs writing enormous checks to Republican campaign coffers.”

Fact is there is “Plenty of Love” out there and the past 6 years spending has shown that. What Donna needs to understand is that we are fighting a world-wide war on terrorism and that costs money. Money that she would rather spend on entitlement programs which actually makes people less free and more dependant on “Her” government…

Gotta go to work now Donna…
“Hugs & Kisses”

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cold water Rescue Dive Training...


The Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team conducted cold water rescue training this weekend in the coastal waters of central New Jersey. The team takes this opportunity to train and certify the divers in this cold water environment to ensure well planned and efficient responses to cold water drowning\rescue incidents.

Extreme cold water and ice conditions demand specialized training in the search, rescue, and recovery tactics used in this environment and continuing training is a must to maintain a ready status team.

The Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team is made up of a strong team of dedicated Scuba divers who are all volunteers and spend a considerable amount of their free time training and increasing their skills. They also volunteer much of their time supporting the Point Pleasant First-Aid team which they are associated with.

I am fortunate to know many of these Rescue divers and have trained and certified with many of the team members. I am able to return to the Jersey Shore every month or so to dive and train with this team and I find their dedication to the team and the community refreshing and commendable. This team spends a considerable amount of time diving and are usually in the water 2 to 3 times a week as compared to many teams that only train once a month if that. Unfortunately many First-Aid\Rescue teams have a large percentage of members who are in it to “Wear the Jacket” and be seen as part of the unit. Both the Point Pleasant First-Aid and Rescue Dive Teams have very impressive staffs that are also very visible in the community.

Team Captain and PADI master Dive Instructor Chet Nesley has been instrumental in developing the team and has incorporated many of the Dive Masters that he has certified into the Rescue Dive Team. Following is a description of this weekends training session…

“Did ice diver training today. Did surface rescue and did ice dive training for the new members Dan sager, Eric Poplick, Mark Ostovish. We have a lot of pictures, I'm sending them to you as I get them! Dive and weather information, air temp 30f, water temp 29f, Visibility under the ice 0-5 feet.
A newspaper reporter was there, If it makes the paper I'll let you know."

Cold water rescues are not common for the fact is many people do not go into the water during these frigid conditions except in the case of an accident. Yearly “Polar Bear Plunges” are an exception and this team covers that event also with equipped divers in the water to assist those who choose to run into a frigid ocean…

Most cold water rescue scenarios involve a motor vehicle accident that results in the vehicle entering the water and submerged, and boating incidents. A remarkable fact in cold water rescue scenarios is a condition where the body will shut down to protect the “Core” system for survival purposes. This will extend the “Survivability” of the person in the cold water a considerable amount. I dug out my old Dive Master training manual and found the following description in “The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving” which has an incredible amount of information about diving Physics, Physiology, equipment, and training procedures. Something that Chief Diver Chet Nesley required me to learn, and maintain, to keep my certification current…

"The Bradycardia response to apnea has sometimes been called tha mammalian diving reflex because it is found in diving mammals such as whales, seals and porpoises. The diving reflex in man is believed to have helped prevent deaths in near drowning accidents in youths in water below 50 degrees. Un these incidents, the near drowning victims have recovered with resuscitation, even after periods of 20 minutes or more without breathing. There are no apparent aftereffects."

"Physiologists believe the diving reflex concentrates the blood in the brain and heart, distributing the limited oxygen supply only to critical areas. That cold water on the faces seems to trigger the response explains why the diving reflex has been noted less in warm-water near drowning accidents…"

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hillary at elementary school...

(Ithaca, N.Y.) Hillary Clinton was spending the morning at a Junior High school in Ithaca, New York to talk to the children about her job as a US Senator. After her talk, she offered question time. One little boy puts up his hand, and the Senator asks him what his name is.
"Kenneth.""And what is your question, Kenneth?"

"I have three questions":

First - "Whatever happened to your medical health care plan?"

Second - "Why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?"

And third - "Whatever happened to all the stuff you and President Clinton took when you left the White House?"

Just then the bell rang for recess.
Hillary Clinton informed the kids that they would continue after recess. When they resumed, Hillary said, "Okay, where were we? Oh, that's right, question time. Who has a question?"

A different little boy raised his hand; the esteemed Senator from New York pointed him out and asked him what his name is. "Larry."

"And what is your question, Larry?"

"I have five questions:

First - "Whatever happened to your medical health care plan?"

Second - "Why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?"

Third - "Whatever happened to all the stuff you and President Clinton took when you left the White House?"

Fourth - "Why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early?"

And fifth - "What happened to Kenneth?"

Hillary and friends...


"I want to take those profits and put them into an alternative energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy alternatives that will actually begin to move us toward the direction of independence."