Friday, January 20, 2006

Governor Warner and geography...

In today’s Daily News Record ( there was a great Letter to the Editor by a gentlemen from Mcgaheysville that I wanted to link to but it was not one of the letters that was published on the website.

The writer describes how 200 Virginians returned from military action served in Afghanistan.
Unfortunately Virginia Governor Mark Warner was not there to meet them upon their return to Virginia but he was able to send a letter thanking them for their service.

“In the letter, our governor thanked the soldiers for honorably serving our country in Iraq - too bad they served in Afghanistan.”

“Does our wonderful governor need a geography lesson, does he not really care, or is he just thinking about 2008? Show the men some respect, governor. Get it right!!!”

Now I am sure this was probably an unfortunate mistake by a staffer who is paying the price about now but will there be any outrage by the Mainstream media on this? Will any of the local papers investigate and report this error to the public? Can you imagine if it was a Republican governor in place and made that mistake?

To the men and women in the Virginia military service returning from locations all over the world after serving our country and protecting the citizens of the United States. We THANK YOU, God bless you, and we truly appreciate your sacrifices made for us and the country…

I really do need to learn how to make a section on this blog just to trace the antics that we all know Warner is going to make on his run to the White House in 2008... This could be fun you know…

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Goodlatte Townhall Meeting

"Supporting a Special Supporter"...
Word spread quickly of a planned Anti-war protest to be held before a Town hall meeting held by Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte at the middle school in Stuarts Draft. The group of protesters intended to ask the congressman to join Rep. John Murtha in calling for a rapid withdrawal of U.S military forces from Iraq and closure of U.S. military bases in Iraq.

Notice of this protest was received only a few hours before the meeting but the local Republican group “SWAC” (Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County) quickly mobilized to represent and support our troops, President Bush, and Congressman Goodlatte in their efforts regarding the war on terrorism both here and worldwide.

A poignant factor in this quick mobilization was that Rhonda Winfield was already on her way when she got the call informing her of the protest. Rhonda is the mother of Lance Cpl. Jason Redifer USMC who grew up in Stuarts Draft and was killed in action while serving our country in Iraq almost one year ago to the day. Rhonda was joined by many who have supported her in the past and several were glad to help her hold her banner that said "Freedom Isn't Free". During several media interviews Winfield stated that she was there to support all of the troops and to represent her son who volunteered to defend his country along with the freedom and rights of those who live in this country

Upon arrival to the middle school we found only a small group of protesters, who never outnumbered the supporters, with a sign 2222 signifying the amount of troops lost in Iraq during the war on terrorism. There was also a larger sign with the name of their group but I saw no form of “Supporting the Troops” which has become a favorite slogan when questioned why they are protesting the war. In fact at no time did I see any of the protesters acknowledge or speak to the mother of a serviceman who was killed defending their freedom to protest.

I did hear some unfortunate comments from the protesters regarding the group supporting this mother of a fallen hero and our President, George W. Bush. When the protesters were asked “And who is this other group” by a reporter interviewing the protest groups leader the reply was “Those are the people in favor of war”… When returning to my vehicle to leave I heard a derogatory comment regarding President Bush and turned to find a young girl maybe 14 years old who then closed the door of the vehicle she was in. The girl was in a car of one of the protesters and the sad thing is that she is probably only repeating that which she has heard many times from her parent. Unfortunately she may never understand why we must stand up to and confront acts of terrorism both here and abroad...
That is why we must get out and respond to those protesting the war on terrorism and to represent those who have given their lives to protect our freedom and rights. We must also remain vigilant in presenting the facts so to educate and remind those who do not understand that "Freedom Isn't Free"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Hey, What about the time?....."

Once again our friend Al Gore has made his way into the spotlight by way of his timely political comments... Just the other day he stated, in front of a group of like "Progressive" thinkers, his enlightened opinion on the recent news of surveillance of suspected terrorist phone calls to people within the United States.
" A President who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of our government" Al Gore
Now if memory serves me correctly, It was Al's boss, William Jefferson Clinton who was held in contempt of court not for his actions with, "That woman, Monica Lewinski", but for lying to a grand jury about his history of infidelity. It was not about "Sex" but the President's direct action of lying to avoid prosecution in a court case about past acts of infidelity...