Saturday, December 09, 2006

Did Big Labor win control of Congress?...


Remember the post awhile back about how Democratic Virginia Governor Tim Kaine took the most campaign contributions from Big Labor Unions ever in the history of Virginia elections?

Well the guys over at "Capitol Corner" have come back with the follow-up story on how it is time for Big Labor to get their "Dues" from those that they helped get into office and control of Congress.

Labor bosses are emboldened by last month's midterm elections and are looking for a return on their heavy investment in congressional and state races. "The AFL-CIO claims it spent $44 million in the 2006 election. The Service Employees International Union spent $65 million. And this money, which comes primarily from dues, is on top of what's raised by union political action committees, which totaled nearly $200 million for the 2006 elections."

So now that the Democratic Party has control of Congress what does that mean for all of us?

Labor wants Congress to pass additional employee benefit mandates, what some may consider a free lunch. A Washington Post columnist recently examined General Motor's costly benefits programs and opined, "A free lunch can be the most expensive meal in the world. For living proof, look at General Motors. A big reason that GM has gotten into such trouble is that the pension and health care commitments it made to employees decades ago seemed to be a free lunch."

"Murtha, John Murtha, Anybody seen John Murtha"?...


While seeking support for his majority leader race against Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) in the week after the election, Murtha failed to vote on pending business on the floor. Hoyer has not missed a vote since the elections. Murtha’s office did not comment for this article.

David Williams, vice president of Citizens Against Government Waste, expressed dismay at lawmakers who have not cast a floor vote in the lame-duck session.
“They’re being paid until the end of their term and they should be working for that money,” he said. “It’s absolutely pathetic. This is their job: to cast votes.”

(Yawn) "Who cares anymore"?...


Remember back just before the election when the “Left” discovered the scandal of Representative Mark Foley and his e-mails to Pages? How terrible this was and just another example of the Republican “Culture of Corruption” but yet the Democrats have a long history much worse then Foley’s but that does not matter. Remember how the media was quick to condemn Foley and went after Speaker Dennis Hastert who had to be removed for he “Obviously” knew everything and failed to do anything. All the time almost entirely ignoring the much worse actions by Democrat Gerry Studds in the past…

The report came out on Thursday.

“The House ethics committee concluded Thursday that no House lawmakers or employees violated ethics rules in their handling of information related to the House page sex scandal that led to the resignation of former Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) shortly before the election.”

The election is over and this scandal served it’s purpose…
It is interesting to see how fast this is no longer an issue and I doubt little coverage by the MainScream media to follow.

I expect “NO” coverage at all from my local newspaper…

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Note to Charlie from the Attorney General...


Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell posted some great comments on his website to Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel regarding his statements about the Troops we have serving...

Charlie, following the lead of his buddy John Kerry, made some poor remarks about the caliper of the people serving in our military and has been called on those remarks.

The Attorney General described some of the people who serve in the military that he knows and in fact he has served 21 years in the military himself.

"Jeanine and Rusty are not alone in their service. From former NFL-star Pat Tillman, to Senator-elect Jim Webb's Marine son, our troops choose military service for the right reasons. This has been true from the fields of Yorktown to the streets of Baghdad."

Two Dates that will live in infamy...


Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm flying with those guys!!!


You may have seen this in the news this week about a new X-ray screening machine that will do a total full body x-ray that will show non-metallic devices as well as weapons. Of course the ACLU is going to come out running on this for that is what they are known best for... Fine. Let those who are worried about being "exposed" by the x-ray machine fly with the airline carriers who are worried about the ACLU. I will be glad to subject myself to this screening in a heartbeat and will even pay higher airline fares to know that I am on a plane where everybody was exposed to this screening process...

"A new full-body x-ray machine to be tested this month at a US airport has raised concerns about privacy issues with some rights advocates saying the technology amounts to a virtual strip search.The "Backscatter" machine to be used at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona will enable screeners to detect non-metallic devices and objects as well as weapons on a person's body, authorities say."

"But critics, including the American Civil Liberties Union, say the machine can display graphic images of nude bodies and its use will pave the way to widespread abuse of the images taken, with some possibly being posted or traded on the Internet."

Back to School...

A local passed this onto to me in the form of an e-mail and thought it would be a good "Study-Plan" for our Junior Senator...


Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…Perhaps we should pause to review some basics before you venture out any further into the swamp that will surely eat you.

First, let me just say that while I certainly am not in favor of your being in office, I have come to accept the fact and am willing to offer you periodic advice and counsel to help you make the transition a smoother one for yourself. My intention here is to try to save you from yourself so that those that don’t share my desire to try to unite as a Commonwealth will have less fodder from you to feed on.

Your recent behavior at a White House reception with President Bush was far from that of a statesman and was an all-around disappointment to those who had actually believed your bi-partisan rhetoric. Your apparent need to be the first to pee on the fencepost unfortunately made you only look like the plebe with the biggest head.

Now that you know that I’ll be watching, let’s begin with today’s tutorial.

Lesson #1: Basic Principles of Respectful Behavior
This one seems to need some serious polishing, Jimmy, so I recommend you concentrate. The problem, as I see it, was that school was not yet in session and the textbooks had not even been cracked when you had somehow already managed to offend the principal. Not a good way to begin paving the path toward graduation. I understand your tendency to bully, but it is neither attractive nor beneficial. Surely, someone has explained to you along the path of life, certainly along the military avenue, that there is such a thing as chain of command. You are a recruit, Jimmy. Whether or not you even manage to complete the program remains to be seen. The commander-in-chief (that’s the top of the chain, in case you’re rusty) offered a measure of respect and decency to you by inquiring about the well-being of your loved one. Even if he had asked about the bunion on your right toe, the correct answer would have been something like, “I’m very proud of my bunion, sir, thank you”. See. Not difficult at all and even you won’t have to rehearse much to become effective with this line of politeness. If you manage some restraint in your behavior, you may just be around long enough to actually discuss your issues with the President and wouldn’t it be novel (and certainly a surprise to all who have followed your campaign) if you were able to actually share with him some of your ideas regarding what we do now. The “Vote for me because I hate George Bush and George Allen said “Macacca”” platform will need a bit of tweaking now that the election is over. Formulating a genuine plan and roster of principles will be something we will cover in another session.

If you’re looking for some Cliff Notes here, try viewing .the photo of President Bush lunching with Nancy Pelosi. It’s not pretty, granted, but it is how things are done.

Lesson #2: Familiarize Yourself With the Agenda
Jimmy, this was an obvious oversight on you part. The event was a reception given by the President. These are two very key words. The first implies that at some point someone will be received. This is the portion of the program where you were supposed to stop trying to play hide and seek and just get in line like an adult. The second clearly defines who it is that you will be receiving. If this gave you such concern, surely you should have stayed home. I know, we all like the little cocktail shrimp and who hasn’t wanted to stuff a White House napkin or two in their pocket to show their friends. However, these perks should never be the lure to sell yourself out. Stand strong, Jimmy. No one is asking you to be something you are not. While we have no idea WHO you are, rest assured, I will help you through the “finding yourself” phase.

No homework tonight. It’s been a tough day.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"First Amendment Rights for all" !!!


Looks like they are at it again. Once again a group of student demonstrators have interrupted another Republican guest speaker to a college campus and this time took it to a criminal level. This is not the first time that “Students of Higher Learning” have interrupted or attack Conservative\Republican speakers who have been asked to talk at their college. At Columbia University Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, who had been invited to speak on campus by the College Republicans, was interrupted by protestors keeping him from making the presentation requested. Ann Coulter and other Conservative speakers have been subject to rude and abusive actions while attempting to deliver speeches…
This past week Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo had a similar occurance when he was disrupted by some more of our “Liberal Learners” at Michigan State University.

“A speech by Rep. Tom Tancredo at Michigan State University turned ugly Thursday night as protesters pulled fire alarms, spat at the audience and fought with the event's student organizers”
After the building was reopened again after the fire alarm it continued. The fire alarms were pulled again.
"He tried to continue, but it got so loud that people couldn't hear him," said Mr. Whitney. "People were shouting, making rude remarks. It got really frustrating." Mr. Tancredo, who agreed to speak free of charge, was forced to cut his speech short and had to forgo answering questions from the audience.
And this treatment was not only directed at the Republican Congressman.
“Outside, protesters punched and spat on Kyle Bristow, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, which sponsored the event along with the College Republicans. Another student, Mike Wolin, said his camera was destroyed by a demonstrator, who threw it against a wall.”
So once this was all over at the University it appears the Protestors were not done expressing their views:

“Afterward, student organizers met at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. When they finished, they discovered that someone had slashed the tires on two of their cars.”
Once again it seems this is not just the local students getting together to protest something on their level and was organized by outside influence:
“The protesters came from groups including Students for Economic Justice, By Any Means Necessary, La Raza and MEXA, also called MEChA.”
It will be interesting to see if there is a reaction from the University:
“Young Americans for Freedom plans to ask Michigan State University, in East Lansing, to condemn the protesters.”
See full story:

I find it interesting that you usually find these demonstrations\Protestors at Conservative or Republican events. It seems to be consistently a Liberal\Democrat tactic to protest or demonstrate in a manner that detracts from their credibility as evident in the incident above or in the photos below…

I’m sorry.
I do remember a time when Republican protestors chanted and pounded on lock doors. Remember back during the 2000 Presidential election re-count when the Democratic Party election officials took the “Chad Laced” ballots into a locked room away from the Republican recount observers? The “Khaki pants, Blue button down Oxford shirt” wearing Republican recount observers started to chant “Let Us In, Let Us In” forcing the election officials to return…
Tough crowd…