Saturday, December 09, 2006

Did Big Labor win control of Congress?...


Remember the post awhile back about how Democratic Virginia Governor Tim Kaine took the most campaign contributions from Big Labor Unions ever in the history of Virginia elections?

Well the guys over at "Capitol Corner" have come back with the follow-up story on how it is time for Big Labor to get their "Dues" from those that they helped get into office and control of Congress.

Labor bosses are emboldened by last month's midterm elections and are looking for a return on their heavy investment in congressional and state races. "The AFL-CIO claims it spent $44 million in the 2006 election. The Service Employees International Union spent $65 million. And this money, which comes primarily from dues, is on top of what's raised by union political action committees, which totaled nearly $200 million for the 2006 elections."

So now that the Democratic Party has control of Congress what does that mean for all of us?

Labor wants Congress to pass additional employee benefit mandates, what some may consider a free lunch. A Washington Post columnist recently examined General Motor's costly benefits programs and opined, "A free lunch can be the most expensive meal in the world. For living proof, look at General Motors. A big reason that GM has gotten into such trouble is that the pension and health care commitments it made to employees decades ago seemed to be a free lunch."

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