Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Murtha, John Murtha, Anybody seen John Murtha"?...


While seeking support for his majority leader race against Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) in the week after the election, Murtha failed to vote on pending business on the floor. Hoyer has not missed a vote since the elections. Murtha’s office did not comment for this article.

David Williams, vice president of Citizens Against Government Waste, expressed dismay at lawmakers who have not cast a floor vote in the lame-duck session.
“They’re being paid until the end of their term and they should be working for that money,” he said. “It’s absolutely pathetic. This is their job: to cast votes.”


f mcdonald said...

How I wish John P. Murtha were one of those lame duck congressman.

zen said...

Wonder what you've got to say about the Dems insisting that the Congress will work a 5 day work week? You going to repeat the Republican whine that this shows how Dems "don't value families"?

Where is Republican lame-duck Representative John Sweeny?

Since losing re-election last month, Rep. John Sweeney has played hooky in Congress, skipping votes, dodging reporters and avoiding his new make-shift office in a basement cubicle set up for lame ducks.
Since his defeat, Sweeney's voting record has been sporadic, with frequent no-shows during the eight days the House has been in session.

On Nov. 13, Sweeney skipped the three votes and on Nov. 14, he also didn't show. On Nov. 15, Sweeney voted for a financial bill and for a measure congratulating the St. Louis Cardinals on winning the 2006 World Series.

Last Tuesday, Sweeney missed two votes but he came on the House floor on Wednesday to cast two votes, including one to require women seeking abortions after 20 weeks to decide whether they want anesthesia for the fetus. He skipped a vote Dec. 7 and missed seven votes on Dec. 8.

Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tenn., said not showing up for votes after defeat amounts to "sour grapes."

"The public hired you to do a job and you shouldn't quit before it's over," Cooper said.

RightsideVA said...

"The public hired you to do a job and you shouldn't quit before it's over," Cooper said.

And I agree that Rep. Sweeney needs to be at the votes and doing the job that he was hired for. These guys need to understand that they are still representatives until the end of the term and quit acting like spoiled brats.

Just like I told Observer in the other posts about Foley, Studds, and other Congressmen who had inappropriate actions with Pages. Foley needed to be removed and removed himself for he knew that the voters would not return him after his actions. Studd’s was returned numerous times by the Democratic party voters for much worse actions. Should he have been returned? Do you think Studds should have been removed by Democratic Leadership? Would you have voted to return Studd’s to office or vote him out?