Friday, March 28, 2014

Terry-Mac's PAC fundraising Letter & his past history of "Fundraising"....

It seems there is a bit of dust-up with the news that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe's political action group offered access to the Terry-Mac in exchange for donations. Of course the Governor now says that he was not aware of his PAC actions and did not approve it, but let's be real here, do you really think he would have turned away Big donors if it did happen?...

RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) -- The fallout is continuing after fundraising letters sent from Governor Terry McAuliffe's political action committee offered access to the governor in exchange for donations.
Ethical issues like this have become a sensitive topic in the wake of the scandal involving former governor Bob McDonnell.
McAuliffe said he wasn't aware of the letters and that he didn't approve them.
Dr. Jim Josefson, a political science professor at Bridgewater College, said the letters were just too honest about what normally goes on in politics.
"It'd be nice if these sorts of things don't make people cynical, it should make them political. The fact that someone is out there buying your politics should make you want to claim it back rather than punt it to them," said Josefson.
McAuliffe said the letters likely came from "eager beavers" on his staff.

And this is not the first time that ole Terry-Mac has been linked to questionable fundraising tactics. Does anybody remember the "Clinton rental association of the White house Lincoln bedroom package"? And guess who was the organizer of that infamous package deal for access to the President?.... 

Bill Clinton's former fundraiser emerges as Virginia's next governor by just 55,000 votes in nail-biting race

  • Clinton's White House money man, Terry McAuliffe dreamed up a way to tap donors for more cash by offering them nights in the Lincoln Bedroom
  • His rise to the governor's mansion in Richmond will cement the Clintons' chances to turn Virginia 'blue' if – or when – Hillary runs in 2016
  • The Obamas and Clintons stumped for McAuliffe, helping him overwhelm state AG Ken Cuccinelli's reliance on Sen. Ted Cruz and other tea partiers
  • McAuliffe's campaign vastly outspent the GOP on broadcast ads, including many that cast Cuccinelli as anti-woman and anti-Hispanic
  • A third-party Libertarian candidate who ultimately split the GOP was funded by a top Obama campaign bundler, raising Republicans' cries of dirty pool

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach Rescue Dive Team...

Members of the Point Pleasant Beach Rescue Dive Team out on a training dive near the Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey. Many of these members were first on scene to the recent Mariner's Cove motel fire that happened on Friday and spent a full 13 hours active supporting this incident response. Saturday was spent at the incident scene covering and supporting the follow up investigation. Sunday was spent training at the Shrewsbury River as seen above... Great therapy ...