Saturday, August 12, 2006

Over the line...

Augusta County Fair 2006

The 3rd day of the Augusta County Fair started off well with the Augusta County Republican booths ready for operation and looking forward to interacting with the people visiting the fair. This years booth consisted of several "themed" booths coordinated to promote Republican values and provide information and sources to the fair visitors...

The first booth supported the George Allen and Bob Goodlatte campaigns.
One booth represented the Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta-County Republican Party.
Another booth supported the "From Our Hearts" support the troops program.
There was a booth supporting the Marriage Amendment for marriage being between one Man and one Woman.
And another booth sold copies of the book written by Rhonda Winfield who lost her son, Marine Lance Cpl. Jason Redifer, who was killed in action in Iraq serving his country and his principles.

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and his wife Jean Ann also stopped by to visit the Republican Booths and talk to a gathering of the Augusta County Chamber of Commerce members. The Lt. Governor dedicates one week out of each month to spend time traveling the State of Virginia and meeting with the people of the Commonwealth...

The Republican Booths were enjoyed and visited by many of the fairgoers in attendance and were busy pretty much all of the time. The booths are staffed by numerous volunteers who enjoy working all aspects the "Republican Complex" and they did a great job at promoting the Republican values that they believe in.

The table selling Rhonda Winfields book "When Johnny Doesn't Come Marching Home" commanded much interest to the fairgoers and pretty much always was busy with people talking with the author, Rhonda Winfield.

During the afternoon a member of the Augusta County Democrat Party approached Rhonda Winfield with numerous pieces of literature and stickers promoting the Democrat Candidate Jim Webb. He stated that this is the man to vote for in this next election for Senator of Virginia. Rhonda replied that she was supporting Senator George Allen because he has strong Republican values and was admired by her son Jason who volunteered to defend his country and to preserve these same values. She then showed the member of the Augusta Democrat Party a copy of her book that she wrote describing these values.

The Democrat representative then stated "Jim Webb is more of a man then this man [Jason Redifer] ever was" and placed a copy of the Webb literature on top of the book she was holding. I was standing next to Rhonda during this entire conversation and have confirmed this quote with her and know that there was a third person at the table who heard this exchange.... The Democrat Representative was then asked to leave the table at which time he moved away from the table.

I found this statement by the Representative of the Augusta County Democrat Party way over the line and unacceptable. Unfortunately it is the type of statement that does not surprise me coming from this party. This local party as well as the Democrat national party has no true platform that they believe in and in fact now have determined that Joe Lieberman is not even "Liberal" enough for them so they voted him out.

To make an attack on the Mother of a proud American Marine who died serving his country and the citizens of that country in this manner is not acceptable by any means.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ssgt. Harman stops by the booth...

Augusta County Fair

Ssgt. Herb Harman of Churchville stopped by with his family to the Republican booth at the Augusta County Fair on Wednesday. He is back from serving in Baghdad for a two week break before returning to his unit the "Four-One Element" Squad of the 654th MP Co.
Ssgt. Harman is a member of the S.W.A.C. "Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta-County" Republicans and has sent numerous letters describing the important work that our troops and military are doing in Iraq. He has described the conditions and the work he has done with local Iraq citizens and how they very much appreciate our efforts and work there...

Delegate Chris Saxman talked with Ssgt. Harman who is one of his constituents for a good 20 minutes about the work that we are doing over in Iraq. Numerous other people stopped by the booth to meet and talk with Herb and to thank him for his service to our country.

"What a treat it was to walk into our booth and see Herb there! There were tears in many sets of eyes as people came by to wish Sgt Harman well and to thank him for his service to our nation. Herb spoke about his duty in Iraq and actually how well things are going over there in Baghdad. He said that the media is so incredibly slanted that is makes the soldiers serving over there sick to their stomachs. He said the people of Iraq are very appreciative of the US and often thank the soldiers for their freedom. Herb is learning Arabic and told me that the Iraqis are great people who love to talk religion. They respect each other for their deep religious faith."

"Some stories, I guess, just never make it to the airwaves over here."

Chris Saxman

Ssgt. Harman also stated how welcomed the packages from home are when they get their shipments from the "From Our Hearts" program.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Augusta County Fair Republican Booth...


The Augusta County Fair opened last night at the ExpoLand in Fishersville and the Republican Booth was ready to meet and welcome the fair-goer's to the Allen & Goodlatte campaigns. NBC29 provided some good coverage of the campaigns at the fair this morning on their early morning show and mentioned that Attorney General Bob McDonnell will visit the fair tonight at 6pm.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Delegate Chris Saxman will be at the fair Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will visit Thursday night. Congressman Bob Goodlatte will attend the fair on Saturday...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Value of Blogs?


Saw this on Drudge today and it seems that the Blogs out there keeping an eye on the mainstream media is a very valuable tool...

Anybody remember when the blogs discovered when Dan Rather & CBS ran those fake documents against President Bush during the last election?,7340,L-3286966,00.html