Saturday, March 22, 2014

Governor Terry McAuliffe... Do we have a "Leader" or a "Campaigner"?...

All week I have heard several times on the radio a PAC commercial telling me that Virginia is missing $5 million a day that would come from "Washington" because we have not signed onto the "Medicaid Expansion" program. The heart wrenching audio, with usual piano solo in the background, tells us how if we don't sign onto this program some other State will take advantage of this money from "Washington". The same "Washington that is $17 TRILLION in debt already with no plan to cut spending or improve the economy but that's an old story they don't want you thinking about anyway...

As usual the PAC commercial does not bring up the question or provide a solution to what happens to the Virginia taxpayer once the "Washington" money runs out in a couple years. They also fail to talk about the abuse and fraud in the Medicaid program already which needs to be fixed, as favored by the GOP House, before we dump more taxmoney into this program....

At the same time where is our Governor?  Terry-Mac, instead of being a "Leader" in Richmond has been traveling the State playing campaign mode just like Obama has been doing for the past five years. 

And why won't Terry-Mac separate the "Medicaid Expansion" from the Virginia State budget and allow the House to pass a working budget so Virginia workers and services continue without interruption? Because Terry-Mac knows that is his bargaining tool and if he gives that up he would have to debate the "Medicaid Expanion" on it's own merits and that would be a losing issue for him and government expansion....

Thursday, March 20, 2014

While Putin draws up his new map of the "Soviet Union".....

While Vlad Putin draws up his new map of the "Soviet Union" this is what our President is up to....


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five Governors have cut State jobs, where do you think Terry-Mac will take us?....

Only Five Governors have cut State jobs since taking office in 2010 while the vast majority of the Governors have grown their State workers ranks. This during a time when many States are close to bankruptcy and facing massive shortfalls in promised benefits and pensions to past & present State workers...

Here are the five freshman governors elected in 2010 who cut state payrolls the most as a percentage of state workforce, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Kansas: The biggest reductions have come in Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's Kansas. Brownback took office in January 2011, promising to shrink state government.
He eliminated vacant positions, offered buyouts to state employees, and consolidated numerous agencies.
He also laid off some recently hired employees, criticizing his predecessor for making unsustainable new hires with one-time stimulus funds.
As of November 2013, his state government was about 5,100 bodies leaner. Kansas has shed its long-term budget deficits, while at the same time eliminating taxes on small business income.
Kansas now has about one state employee for every 55 residents, down from one for every 50 when Brownback took office.

2. Maine: Colorful Republican Gov. Paul LePage campaigned against a state government he called “bloated” in 2010.
And he's reduced its size in the years since, according to BLS figures. In a small state like Maine, a reduction of just 2,200 employees makes a big difference.
Maine now has one state employee for every 52 residents, which is not bad for a small state in which there are fewer economies of scale.

3. Alabama: Republican Gov. Bob Bentley promised to save $1 billion by the end of his first term with a plan that involved “right-sizing” Alabama’s government workforce through attrition.
He got it done a year early. So far, the BLS data shows that Bentley has shed about 8,100 state workers. Alabama is still well-staffed with one state employee for every 47 residents.

4. Florida: In 2010, Republican candidate Rick Scott promised to reduce the state government's workforce by 5 percent.
According to BLS, he's done it -- and PolitiFact, using different state numbers, agrees. Between attrition and about 2,200 layoffs, Florida has reduced its payrolls by 12,700 positions.
Florida now has one employee for every 94 residents — the lowest staffing level the state has seen in at least 16 years.

5. New York: Oh, yes, liberal Democrats can trim state government payrolls, too -- at least sometimes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo also cut his own salary by 5 percent as he demanded pension concessions from state government workers.
Cuomo also reduced his state's payrolls by about 8,300 slots, according to BLS data, through a plan that mostly relied on attrition. New York now has one state employee for every 77 residents.

So what direction do you think our Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will take us??....

source: Washington Times