Sunday, March 06, 2016

Foolish "Dirty Politics" in the 6th...

In the past few months there has been many examples of "Foolish" Dirty-Politics on both a national level and here locally in the 6th district of Virginia. Last week Mitt Romney came out with his Rant & Rave against Donald Trump filled with numerous contradictions from four years ago, that all Romney did was solidify Trumps supporters.

And did it with the heavy-duty 5,000 p.s.i. type

And it has also been happening here in the 6th district of Virginia in the local politics where Virginian's head to the voting booth every year for one form of election or another...

Both in national and local politics there has been a group referred to as the "establishment" group that have had solid control of their party members and supporters for decades. But recently, and especially during the Obama tenure, there has been a growing up-welling from the depths of once strong supporters who have felt that their party has left them and the "establishment" no longer represents them.

Six+ years ago I stood on corner in Washington D.C. with two good friends and watched THOUSANDS of people walk by for three hours at the first Tea Party march. Even at that time there was a growing segment of Americans who saw their country headed in the wrong direction and not just by one political party. Sure we prefer and support the "Right" party, but we have also seen this "establishment" group continue to take the people for granted since they were still "better of the two evils" when it came to voting time. This ignorance of what has happened to the American people over the last seven years has lead to Donald Trump running so strong in the presidential primary and astounding the "establishment" at every corner. 

Trump just recently took Virginia in the presidential primary but yet they do not understand why...

And it's not just limited to national politics.
We continue to see "Foolish" Dirty-Politics here at the local level and the type that divides the party instead of uniting a strong cohesive entity. The national party failed to incorporate and use the strong conservative members of the Tea-Party and once their elected members made it to Congress they plotted to exclude these members.
The same has been going on here in the 6th district for quite some time and far too long. 

Recently I learned of a tactic used in the Rockbridge party where a member contacted other members of the committee with a "one-sided" version of the story.
I have been informed that Barbara O'Shields sent members of the Rockbridge Republican community  a one-sided misrepresentation of a meeting of the Sixth District committee intended to harm Scott Sayre.


By Lynn R. Mitchell

 In the above post the author states :
"Former State Senator Ralph Smith, whose term recently ended (seeRalph Smith announces retirement from state senate, annoints Suetterlein), has been asked by Congressman Goodlatte, among others, to run against Rockbridge businessman Scott Sayre, whose entry into the 6th District chairman’s race came at perhaps one of the most fractured and raucous meetings the district committee has known."
Interesting the support and influence of the Congressman at this level.
Barbara should have sent my blog correcting the misrepresentations, which I am including here  " 

      "Two sides to every coin". Just don't let them see the other side!!...

to show that there is always another side of the coin to be considered...

It is important to provide members of the party all sides of the issues to be considered and voted on.

Unfortunately this is yet another example of the local "establishment" trying to divide and ignore those that they should be incorporating into a strong cohesive Republican party to send conservative representatives to all levels of government.

I unfortunately also watched this unfold at the recent Rockingham County Republican Committee mass meeting in vivid living color. I described it in a prior post regarding this meeting here:

"I attended the Rockingham County Republican mass meeting last week and saw the tactics being used to control meetings as well as to control the voters who attended the meeting. First of all a "Staffer" was quick to nominate the "Chosen" temporary chairman to run the meeting and once that person was elected temporary chairman, this same staffer continued to instruct the temporary chairman. Several times the staffer approached the temporary chair and whispered into his ear instead of making a "Point of order" or motion for all of those in attendance to hear and consider. All the time I watched members of the "Establishment Political Machine" in action working the crowd and at times even while the "opposing" candidate was talking at the podium to those in attendance."

In the past two days the above described "Staffer" that was so involved in the procedures of the above described mass meeting, has been exposed on a different local blog for his ties to the local establishment.

Campaign Staffer for Jackson/Obenshain/Goodlatte and Vice-Chairman of the Rockingham County GOP

 The above link goes to a local blog that makes it's own conclusions but also provides hard facts and copies of public records to back up their claims.
RightsideVA will not pile on this individual for it is obvious that this individual needs help and not another public thrashing but it is important that people see the ties & tactics involved...  

As it was obvious at the above described Rockingham County Mass meeting, the speech by Mitt Romney, and the attempt to provide only one side of the story in Rockbridge, tactics and actions like these by the "establishment" are the issue. Instead of working with and incorporating all strengths and assets of those dedicated to returning the Republican party to a fiscally responsible and conservative party, we have "Foolish Dirty Politics" being used.