Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is raising Tax-rates the correct thing to do?.....

There is much in the news right now about many local governments looking to raise their tax rates to cover the budget shortfalls they are looking at. Just as our federal government is looking at massive budget shortfalls and incredible deficits, our local governments need to understand that we can not continue to spend more than what we take in and there is little room to increase revenues by raising tax rates. Americans for Prosperity came out with this today and well worth looking at....

Right now, several localities are proposing various tax increases that will have a negative impact on families across the Commonwealth. At a time when families and businesses have cut back on spending, in addition to feeling the pinch of rising gas prices, it is appalling that localities would consider raising taxes. Bottom line, Virginia's cities have a spending problem, not a tax problem.

Principles are not always popular, and we need to ask local government offices to stand for the principles of limited government and economic freedom, and to cut spending rather than raising taxes.

The following are just a few of the localities that are proposing some form of a tax increase. To find out more about your locality, check out or website.

Augusta County is proposing a three cent increase in real estate taxes and a 32-cent increase in taxes on cars and trucks. If the tax increases are approved later this week, taxpayers would end up paying;

a rate of 51 cents per $100 on real estate
$2.57 per $100 personal property taxes on cars and trucks
Call your board members at (540) 245-5610 to let them know you are against these tax increases.

Lynchburg City is trying to increase the city real estate tax and add a new storm water fee that could result up to a 13-14 percent increase combined. We’re standing with City Councilman Jeff Helgeson against the fight. Stand with us by contacting the board by clicking here.

Pittsylvania County budget proposes a 50-cent increase in the personal property tax and an increase in the real estate tax rate by four cents. In addition, several fees for homebuilding, and water and sewer will increase as well.

Fluvanna County is proposing a 20 percent increase, which would raise the tax on the average county property to roughly 350-400 dollars. Click here to call or e-mail the board members.

In addition, the following localities have all proposed a tax increase on tobacco sales.

Buena Vista: Tobacco tax proposal that equals 30 cents per pack of cigarettes. Call the city council to express your concern: (540) 261-6121

Danville: Tobacco tax proposal that equals 30 cents per pack of cigarettes. Find your Council person here and tell them to oppose this tax increase.

Williamsburg: Proposed cigarette tax hike of 30 cents. Click here to contact the city council.

Emporia: The proposed tax increases would increase to 50 cents per pack in the city of Emporia. Click here to contact the city council members.

Newport News: Proposed cigarette tax hike of 85 cents per pack. Click here to contact the city council members.

Poquoson: Proposed cigarette tax hike of 25 cents per pack. Click here to contact the city council members.

Town of Bridgewater: Proposed cigarette tax of 20 cents per pack. Click here to contact the board of supervisors.

There are dozens of cities and counties that are proposing various tax increases. Click here and tell your local officials to cut spending now.


Audrey Jackson
State Director
Americans for Prosperity