Saturday, April 01, 2006

Making some noise...

Augusta County VA.

Several members of the local Republican group SWAC (Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta-County) got together to take some additional photos to send to the troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. These photos will be included into "Care Packages" that will be assembled and sent to the troops in just a few weeks. This is part of the "From Our Hearts" program that was created and maintained by Benny & Dianne Rankin who are the owners of T-Bone Tooter's out of Churchville Va.

In the above photo's are Jan & Kelsie Harman, wife & daughter of Ssgt. Herb Harman who is presently serving in Baghdad and is a strong Republican from the Augusta County area. While taking these photo's the majority of the traffic passing under the overpass blew their horns and probably every tractor trailer did the same. The support for the troops is there, we need to make sure that we show it to the troops whenever possible....

Please visit the "From Our Hearts" blog for more info:

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What does it take to be a "Bush~Hater?"

AFP 27 March 06

Chris Graham over at the Augusta Free Press did a great article on "What is a Bush Hater" since it has become such a big topic and favorite past time for many from the "Left"...$39336

It is interesting to see how this topic is viewed from many different directions and the history of this topic. Many feel that President Clinton was attacked for a minor incident, "It was only Sex" I had a problem when he lied about it to a grand jury to avoid prosecution in the Paula Jone's case which would have resulted in fines, political fallout, and additional legal actions.

Unfortunately we have come to a point where lying to a grand jury by the top executive is considered trivial. "He was just protecting his family"...