Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where was the "Blame~Game" by the President of Chile?...

Unlike President Obama during the Gulf crisis this Summer, did you see the President of Chile playing the "blame~game" at every opportunity?

Unlike President Obama: Did you see Chile President Sebastian Pinera blaming the mining company for the accident at every opportunity?

Unlike President Obama: Did you see Chile President Pinera stating that he would "Keep the boot on the throat" of the mining company\industry until the end?

"Estimates for the rescue operation alone have soared beyond $22 million, though the government has repeatedly insisted that money is not a concern."

Unlike President Obama: Did you see see Chile President Pinera continually state that the mining company\industry would pay for all costs of the rescue, the repairs, damage to the local economy, refund every tourist that had to cancel a vacation, and pay off anybody who could come up with a claim form bogus or not?...

Unlike President Obama: Did you see Chile President Pinera playing golf numerous times during the rescue operation or did you see the President at the rescue site welcoming each miner as they reached the surface?....

Unlike President Obama: Did you see Chile President Pinera shut down all mining operations and place a moratorium on discovery drilling looking for more natural resources in response to this one accident thus putting thousands of other workers out of work?

Unlike President Obama: Did you see Chile President Pinera and his family take numerous vacations during this incident or did you see President Pinera at the rescue site many times rallying the troops?....

Unlike President Obama: Did you see Chile President Pinera ask for and accept help from other countries to help with the rescue in technology and resources?

Numerous Americans and their companies responded to this call for aid and did an outstanding job in this rescue. ..

The crews included many Americans, including a driller operator from Denver and a team from Center Rock Inc. of Berlin, Pa., that built and managed the piston-driven hammers that pounded the hole through rock laced with quartzite, some of the hardest and most abrasive rock.

Jeff Hart was drilling water wells for the U.S. Army's forward operating bases in Afghanistan when he got the call to fly to Chile.

He spent the next 33 days on his feet, operating the drill that finally provided a way out Saturday for 33 trapped miners.

"You have to feel through your feet what the drill is doing; it's a vibration you get so that you know what's happening," explained Hart, a contractor from Denver, Colorado.

A muscular, taciturn man with callused hands and a sunburned face, Hart normally pounds rock for oil or water. He's used to extreme conditions while he works the hydraulic levers that guide the drills' hammers.

But this was something different - 33 lives were depending on him.

"I was nervous today," said Hart, 40. He joked that he thought it was his heart stopping when he felt an unexplained "pop" just before the drill broke through into a chamber far underground. "I didn't want anything to go wrong."

Pennsylvania companies - Schramm Inc., which makes the T130 drill, and Center Rock Inc., which makes the drill bits. Hart was called in from Afghanistan, "simply because he's the best" at drilling larger holes with the T130's wide-diameter drill bits, Stefanic said.

Standing before the levers, pressure meters and gauges on the T130's control panel, Hart and the rest of the team faced many challenges in drilling the shaft. At one point, the drill struck a metal support beam in the poorly mapped mine, shattering its hammers. Fresh equipment had to be flown in from the United States and progress was delayed for days as powerful magnets were lowered to pull out the pieces.

The mine's veins of gold and copper ran through quartzite with a high level of abrasive silica, rock so tough that it took all their expertise to keep the drill's hammers from curving off in unwanted directions.

"It was horrible," said Center Rock President Brandon Fisher, exhausted after hardly sleeping during the effort.

Fisher, Stefanic and Hart called it the most difficult hole they had ever drilled, because of the lives at stake.

Compare this to President Obama refusing offers of aid from other countries during the Gulf incident and delays that followed. What exactly did Obama's administration do to plug the oil leak in the gulf? What government agency actually perform a task that resulted in stopping the leaking oil into the Gulf?... NOT a thing.....

Two different Presidents and their reactions to disaster incidents.....