Sunday, March 26, 2006

What does it take to be a "Bush~Hater?"

AFP 27 March 06

Chris Graham over at the Augusta Free Press did a great article on "What is a Bush Hater" since it has become such a big topic and favorite past time for many from the "Left"...$39336

It is interesting to see how this topic is viewed from many different directions and the history of this topic. Many feel that President Clinton was attacked for a minor incident, "It was only Sex" I had a problem when he lied about it to a grand jury to avoid prosecution in the Paula Jone's case which would have resulted in fines, political fallout, and additional legal actions.

Unfortunately we have come to a point where lying to a grand jury by the top executive is considered trivial. "He was just protecting his family"...


zen said...

This is indeed an insightful article. Thanks for pointing it out. And to some extent I agree with your observation that we've come to a point where lying to a grand jury is considered trivial.

With Clinton it was not the lying that fascinated the media coverage. It was the juicy topic of sex. Most people said, "oh well who cares if he gets with the fat chick?" But the fact that a lie is unacceptable holds true.

With Bush it's not that people think we shouldn't wiretap terrorists, but that he's lied about how it's being conducted. As well as skirted the Congress in an executive power grab (on many fronts).

Both of these illustrate the danger of setting precident and the slippery slope of tolerating lies and deceit.

I also like the tone the article brings up that labels are often inaccurate. You even mentioned the fallacy in the "pro-war" label. But it also addressed that not even criticizm is meant to be personal.

Bubba said...

It is pretty good article. As far as tagging Monica goes it was a good thing, looking at Hillary, it was gonna be an intern or and animal. At least Bill stayed within the species.

(Man, this new coffee must have too much caffine or something)

JasonSpalding said...

I was given tickets to Senate Gallery for the trial of President Clinton by the then Senator Abraham of Michigan. I rode over to the Capital on the tram that leads from the senate offices to the capital. The most bizarre fact was that no one asked me if I could ride I just got on and rode. The man standing next to me while on the tram was Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. I attended the trial the same day that President Clinton gave his State of the Union address. Before I got there I experienced a foreboding feeling. Just before I traveled through many security checks I had been nearly blinded by the flash of cameras as I turned a corner to see then Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist enter the building. After going through security checks I was finally shown to my seat. As I sat and await the proceeding I wondered what I’d see. To my surprise as the trial commenced I saw that most of the senators didn't even stay seated or even on the Senate floor during the trial. The worst message of the whole trial sent to me when even the Senator that I had been gifted the tickets by left for what seemed to be a long time as did most republican senators. Washington has never seemed that serious to me since the trial.