Sunday, December 03, 2006

"First Amendment Rights for all" !!!


Looks like they are at it again. Once again a group of student demonstrators have interrupted another Republican guest speaker to a college campus and this time took it to a criminal level. This is not the first time that “Students of Higher Learning” have interrupted or attack Conservative\Republican speakers who have been asked to talk at their college. At Columbia University Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, who had been invited to speak on campus by the College Republicans, was interrupted by protestors keeping him from making the presentation requested. Ann Coulter and other Conservative speakers have been subject to rude and abusive actions while attempting to deliver speeches…
This past week Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo had a similar occurance when he was disrupted by some more of our “Liberal Learners” at Michigan State University.

“A speech by Rep. Tom Tancredo at Michigan State University turned ugly Thursday night as protesters pulled fire alarms, spat at the audience and fought with the event's student organizers”
After the building was reopened again after the fire alarm it continued. The fire alarms were pulled again.
"He tried to continue, but it got so loud that people couldn't hear him," said Mr. Whitney. "People were shouting, making rude remarks. It got really frustrating." Mr. Tancredo, who agreed to speak free of charge, was forced to cut his speech short and had to forgo answering questions from the audience.
And this treatment was not only directed at the Republican Congressman.
“Outside, protesters punched and spat on Kyle Bristow, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, which sponsored the event along with the College Republicans. Another student, Mike Wolin, said his camera was destroyed by a demonstrator, who threw it against a wall.”
So once this was all over at the University it appears the Protestors were not done expressing their views:

“Afterward, student organizers met at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. When they finished, they discovered that someone had slashed the tires on two of their cars.”
Once again it seems this is not just the local students getting together to protest something on their level and was organized by outside influence:
“The protesters came from groups including Students for Economic Justice, By Any Means Necessary, La Raza and MEXA, also called MEChA.”
It will be interesting to see if there is a reaction from the University:
“Young Americans for Freedom plans to ask Michigan State University, in East Lansing, to condemn the protesters.”
See full story:

I find it interesting that you usually find these demonstrations\Protestors at Conservative or Republican events. It seems to be consistently a Liberal\Democrat tactic to protest or demonstrate in a manner that detracts from their credibility as evident in the incident above or in the photos below…

I’m sorry.
I do remember a time when Republican protestors chanted and pounded on lock doors. Remember back during the 2000 Presidential election re-count when the Democratic Party election officials took the “Chad Laced” ballots into a locked room away from the Republican recount observers? The “Khaki pants, Blue button down Oxford shirt” wearing Republican recount observers started to chant “Let Us In, Let Us In” forcing the election officials to return…
Tough crowd…


JohnMaxfield said...

Your ability to bring such a strong, truthful message to the mass public always astounds me. Keep up the good work. Let the Dems continue to detract from their credability...from Stark to the Monkey, they are brining the party down.

Hard to the Right said...

"You are Judged by the company you keep"...

Hear that Banana?

JohnMaxfield said...

Do bananas have ears?