Thursday, March 22, 2007

What to do with all that PORK ???...


The guys over at AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY FOUNDATION have some interesting comments regarding the "Pork-Laden" Virginia budget that Democratic Governor Tim Kaine must sign, reject, or alter and re-submit. "The governor does have line-item veto power and could strike the local projects from the budget, but that is unlikely."

It seems that the Senators\Delegates like to tack on extra-pork projects so that they can return to their districts and show their constituents what "Bacon" they brought back to them from Richmond...

"Governing well should not be about who can bring home the most bacon," said Whitney Duff, the Virginia director for Americans for Prosperity. "Virginia taxpayers work hard for their money and don't deserve to see their tax dollars going to fund pet projects to try and curry favor with voters."

"All session, we have witnessed the ongoing debates on transportation funding, and a number of lawmakers have expressed concerns about utilizing general fund dollars to fund much-needed congestion relief projects on our roadways," Duff said. "Those same lawmakers apparently have little problem requesting that hundreds of millions of those same general fund dollars be spent on their own little pet projects."

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VDOT said...

Good opportunity for the Governor to stand up and CUT the pork and move that money over to Transportation where it is needed.