Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Please Let them Talk!!!

Let them talk !!!
The Hollywood crowd got together once again to get the attention they crave and survive on once again in the name of "helping those in need"... Let's get real here. If they truly wanted to help the people of Katrina they would donate the money themselves to relief agencies like you and I have been. They would not go to a disaster area like Sean Penn did with his boat for what was really a photo op. How many resources did it take to cover him instead of stories that needed to be covered? I am sure with him there it took resources such as police and otheres to cater to his needs. The Hollywood people who just had this fund raiser used up resources such as airtime on networks and police officers in NYC to cover Radio City Music Hall during the show.

Little people like you and I donated our money to The Red Cross, Salvation Army, ADRA, and other agencies that get maximum use out of those donations. How much money was spent by Hollywood to promote themselves? How much of the actual $$$ goes to relief???

One good thing that did come out of the "Hollywood Event" was the opportunity for the Wack-o's to talk and show their ignorance and arrogance at the same time. Whenever they do this they only distance themselves from the actual people who make up the American Public. The attacks on President Bush by Whoppi, Belafonte, Bono, Striesand, Ronstadt, Penn, etc turned out a good amount of common sense Americans to re-elect President Bush.

Following is the quote from Bette Midler at the show....
Keep it up Bette, we appreciate the votes !!!

Bette Midler had even stronger words: "I got a letter from the Republican Party the other day. I wrote back, 'Go f--- yourself.'" She then added, "George Bush is a fan of mine -- he came to see me in the Seventies. His coke dealer brought him."

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