Thursday, November 17, 2005

Un-just war?

There was an interesting call today on the Rush Limbaugh show with Roger Hedgecock filling in for Rush. The caller felt that the war in Iraq and on terrorism is not justified for the terrorist can only inflict limited destruction as compared to what the United States can do to them. The caller felt that the war is a waste for “What more can the terrorist do to us?” .

He felt that somebody like Russia, when they were a superpower, deserved actions to keep them in check. He felt the fight on terrorism did not deserve us in Iraq & Afghanistan because they can’t do that much to us anymore. Roger asked if 3,000+ killed during 911 was not enough to justify a war. Roger did a good job at putting the caller in his place but let me add my thoughts:

What if 50,000+ were killed in the World Trade Center towers? At times there were that many working in the buildings.

What if the additional plane that went down in Pennsylvania had hit it’s original target? What if that target was turned out to be the “Left” wing of the capitol building where Barbara Striesand and Bono was visiting at the time and were lost?

What if the plane made it thru to the Capitol building and took out the Senate and\or House while in session at the time?

Was the caller to the show putting a “Headcount” on the table as to where or how much we should respond to a attack? 3,000 or more?

What if Bill Clinton had a lower tolerance to terrorist attacks back in the 90’s? If he had actually taken serious steps to deal with the terrorist maybe 911 would not have happened…

What if the media would show footage of the 911 attacks from time to time to keep the images fresh in the publics memory. FOXnews is just a guilty of not providing images of the worst attack on America in history.

When was the last time you watched a DVD of the coverage of the attacks on September 11th? Do we avoid watching these for it only brings on anger and possibly support the President’s war on terror?

Maybe we need to re-focus on the issue and our commitment…

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