Friday, January 13, 2006

"Sure, go ahead and vote..."

The Washington Times had an interesting story on how many felons Governor Warner D-VA has granted voting rights to before leaving office later this week.

It seems our friends at are urging Warner to issue blanket restorations to more than 240,00 convicted felons.

Seems Warner, like President Clinton, likes to use the pen
to pardon and restore rights to those who have been
convicted of serious crimes...

Mark Warner Democrat 3,414
James Gilmore Republican 238
George Allen Republican 460
Douglas Wilder Democrat 427
Gerald Baliles Democrat 853
Charles Robb Democrat 1,180
John Dalton Republican 939
Mills Godwihn Republican 515
Linwood Holton Republican 303


spankthatdonkey said...

Excellent Post !!! On the application for getting your voting rights restored... is there a certain question that says/implies.. would you vote for me??? To be President??? :D

VoiceOfReason said...

Yes just like Christian churches are reserved only for perfect people, government should punish the people endlessly. After all, why should prison end once you're let go and off probation? It ought to continue endlessly -- at least in the Republican version of Hell that is Virginia. Right? I mean RIGHT? I mean RIGHTSSide VA? Right?