Friday, March 24, 2006

Note from Baghdad...

15 March 2006
1241 hrs.

Hi Steve,

I am Honored.

What a morale builder to see that sign & our beloved flag on one of my favorite highways. Thank you & all involved. You all have made my deployment and I am humbled indeed.

I speak to many of the locals over here in broken or no english whatsoever, they tell me or make me understand just how much they love America, our President, and our free society. We did the right thing here. We had the means, that gave us the responsibility.

So many of these good people have told me the horrors under which they have lived and the tragedys of losing family...

I spoke with a Colonel and a Captain of the Pifsh-merga Malitia (Kurds). The Colonels family was buried alive under their house by Red Guards. The Captains brother was fed to the lions-alive! These truely world class warriors, respect us and loved that I take time to learn as much as I can from them. I really enjoy soldiering with such good people. They teach me (with patience) their language, their culture, customs & courtesys.

They also love to hear of America, my family and my good friends back home. I'm happy to be here. I'm blessed to have supporters like you, your fellow workers, and of course SWAC... Thanks to all of you! Our home-front warriors!

Your Militant, Conservative, Republican Warrior,

Herb Harman

Ssgt. Herb Harman is presently serving his country and all of it's Citizens in Baghdad Iraq. He volunteered for this duty and assignment and finds time to let us know that our efforts are appreciated by he and his fellow troops. I have been fortunate to meet several soldiers that have served with him and he is held in the highest regard. He is a member of SWAC (Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta- County Republican group) and is also coordinating distribution of "Care Packages" being sent over to him by the "From Our Hearts" program operating out of Churchville, Virginia...


SWAC Girl said...

Herb Harman is an American hero and we are thankful for his service to our country. He rejoined the Army National Guard after 9/11/01 at the age of 40 because he felt a need to protect America and the American people. We are blessed to have men like him.

Check out to see how to send packages to our military. Call one of the contact people listed if you would like suggestions on how to help a local family in other ways.

Maybe you could spend an hour or two a week helping. Inconvenient? Try going to Iraq and putting up with 125-degree heat and sand storms and war. Or try being the wife at home alone taking care of the children and house. What we give for them is nothing compared to what they give for us.

Embrace our military families and soldiers ... and don't forget to tell them thanks!

olkel said...

I am so proud of my brother! May I have permission to use his post in my area of the country? I would like to send copies to some of our friends and some teachers etc that I still run into on occassion.Maybe even send it off to some of the local papers in Herby's old hometown in PA

RightsideVA said...

Please do and feel free to contact me if I can help with any photo's with Jan and the flag that is being displayed in honor of Herb and the troop's...

Go to to my profile, on the rightside of the blog towards the bottom and send me e-mail if I can help...

Steve K