Tuesday, March 14, 2006

They hate the troops?

Real Clear Politics

There is a very good article on Real Politics.com written by Ralph Peters describing his recent trip to Iraq and what he found as compared to what is being reported in the Mainstream media (MSM). It seems that many of the media reporters over there never really leave the "Safe" areas but rely heavily on Iraqi assistance in gathering news. Unfortunately many of these Iraqi reporters have their own agenda and tell the MSM reporters what they want to hear for "their" story. "Dependance on the unverified reports of local hires has become the dirty secret of semi-celecbrity journalism in Iraq."

Unfortunately with this type of journalism for "effect" the true story does not always get reported the way it should. There have been numerous reports that the Iraqi citizens do not want the U.S. military in their country. Reports from American soldiers say different and below is a statement by Ralph Peter's and what he found during his visit to Iraq. I also attached the link to his story and it is well worth reading...

"Hatred of the U.S. military. If anything surprised me in the streets of Baghdad, it was the surge in the popularity of U.S. troops among both Shias and Sunnis. In one slum, amid friendly adult waves, children and teenagers cheered a U.S. Army patrol as we passed. Instead of being viewed as occupiers, we're increasingly seen as impartial and well-intentioned."



SWAC Girl said...

Rhonda Winfield, mother of 19-year-old Lance Corporal Jason Redifer of Stuarts Draft who was killed in Iraq on January 31, 2005, has told what Jason shared about the people of Iraq.

Iraqis were very thankful to the American soldiers and invited them into their homes, and Jason and his fellow Marines finally accepted one day. He relayed that the Iraqis, though they didn't have much, were willing to share what food and drink they had.

To find out how much the people of Iraq appreciate our troops one just has to talk with a military member ... which is baffling. Why don't the media talk to soldiers still there and those who have returned home?

Check out www.vetsforfreedom.com, a website started by Iraq War veterans, including Wade Zirkle of Rockingham County, to spread the word that the media will not tell. It shares the good deeds and rebuilding that has been accomplished and the gratitude of the Iraqi people.

RightsideVA said...

There is something going on with the media that I don’t think even they realize. The Doom & Gloom reporting and agenda they advance is not being bought by the general public. The Democrats & many mainstream media outlets have been pushing the reports of civil war in Iraq but they just has been little proof of this. Where are the stories? Where is the video footage of Iraqi’s attacking each other or riots? If ABC, NBC, CNN, ETC., had this footage it would be all that they would play 24hrs. A day. Yet another theory or fabricated story that did not get any traction. If the Iraqi citizens did not want the troops there and liberating them they could not find a CNN reporter that would give them the “Jackpot” for that story? If the troops were so against the “Un-just” war that they are in why do they stay? Where are the desertions? Where are the reports of AWOL’s? Where are the returning troops all over the mainstream media as soon as they get back against the un-just war? Where are the families of thses troops and why are they not marching on Washington or the Capitol building, White House, and the evening news? In the morning I will be going to a anti-war protest that will be held in Staunton VA by the Augusta County Coalition for Peace & Justice. They will be protesting the 3rd year of the war in Iraq. They will claim they support the troops but how? What will they do, or are doing for the troops? I will be standing with supporters of the troops, the President, and citizens who believe that this war on terrorism is necessary and very important for our security and future. People who believe that we must stand up to terrorist in all forms and continue without pulling out when the road gets tough. There will be off duty troops there at our rally. There will be a mother of a Marine lost in service to our country during this war on terrorism. I will watch again to see if any members of the Coalition of peace actually go over and thank a service member or talk with the mother of the Marine who was lost… I will report back the answer after the rally, but I think we know the answer to that already…

SWAC Girl said...

You are correct, Rightside, in that we probably already know the answer to that....

Three years ago the anti-war people were on the streets from January through March 2003 but maintained that, once our soldiers were in Iraq and at war, they would no longer protest.

That didn't last long. Now, every year on the anniversary of our entry into the war, and on every occasion they can take advantage of (local parades, events, Fourth of July, meetings of elected officials) they show up with their protest signs and pictures of those killed in battle.

How is that supporting the troops? They are following the worn-out strategy of 40 years ago during the Vietnam War ... and playing right into the hands of our enemies.

But the American people are not buying it. With other outlets available for obtaining information besides the mainstream media (unlike Vietnam), we are able to hear directly from the soldiers and from journalists who care about finding out the truth. Americans are standing up against the anti-war groups ... which is why local citizens in Staunton, Virginia, will be out on the streets later today to wave American flags and hold signs that show support for our men and women in uniform. (Details: www.swacgop.org)

Which picture would you rather our guys see in Iraq?

Want to do more to support the troops? Check out http://fromrhearts.blogspot.com to see how you can help with care packages to be sent to local soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan ... and thank a Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor.