Friday, August 04, 2006

Unraveling (Jim) webb?...

Jim Webb (D) 2006

Had a good friend forward this article over to me and thought it would make some good reading. We saw some of this come to light at the Allen\Webb debate a week or so back.

Seems the "Webb" might be starting to come apart already...

"He’s on record insisting that affirmative action should apply only to African- Americans. Yes, you read correctly, this Democrat is against affirmative action for women, Latinos or any other minority."


Anonymous said...

Webb's position on affirmative action has been consistent all along.

AA was developed to redress some of the wrongs of slavery. That doesn't effect women, latinos or economically disadvantaged white males. If AA is going to be expanded to include other groups, it should serve as a broad-based program for the economically disadvantaged, regardless of race, creed, or gender.

It's fine if you choose to be ill-informed, but somebody's gotta call you on it when you're just plain wrong.

RightsideVA said...

So you are saying that AA continues to this day to "redress" the wrongs of slavery. Even after all of the generations that were not bought, sold, traded, as slaves and have been "Free" to learn, educate, and learn a skill to improve themselves?

If this is the case why should the topic of reparations ever come up or be discussed?