Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Fix that hole"...

Mayor Ray Nagin

"You guys in New York can't get
a hole in the ground fixed, and it's
five years later. So let's be fair,"
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin


Bubba said...

The problem, I think, actually concerns the need for 2 holes to get fixed.

1. they need a hole in the middle of New Orleans to drain the sewage and water. (one big enough for all the refuse, worthless people included)

2. They need to shut the hole under his nose.

RightsideVA said...

The interesting thing is that the media gave him a pass on his actions and lack of actions before and during the Katrina incident. Not a political thing at all. If anybody ran a business like he runs New Orleans he would have been gone a long time ago.

Another interesting thing is that he was re-elected by the people in New Orleans even after what he did. Shows he is not the only problem in New Orleans...

SWAC Girl said...

The media gave him a pass because he's a Democrat. They gave the Dem governor a pass, too.

If they had been Republicans they would be out of office now. Look what the media have done to President Bush concerning Hurricane Katrina ... and Ray Nagin was WAY more responsible for taking care of his people (not to mention them taking care of themselves).

Drive-by media - they still don't think they're biased.

Bellinibabe said...

What the exactly do you call biased? I would call it NOT reporting on Nagin's comment. But I saw the same story saying it was insensitve and that Nagin keeps making these verbal blunders about a hundred times on CNN and MSNBC. And by the way, the NYT published an op/ed piece that said, "Hey, you know, we do have a big hole in the ground and it's time we did something about it!"