Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"So NOW we hear issues?!"


Now that we are past the election for Virginia U.S. Senator and Jim Webb is the new Senator-elect he is finally talking issues. Issues that, with the help of the media, he was able to ignore or sidetrack away from during the 2006 campaign. How could he avoid\ignore these issues during a campaign leading up to a mid-term election? Easy. When you have the MainScream media pushing their agenda at every chance they can keep the hard questions away from “their” choice in candidates.

The George Allen mis-step of using the word “Maccaca” was a one or two day story after he apologized for calling the Webb staffer the name. We should have moved onto more important stories that concerned what the candidates have done and intend to do for the citizens of Virginia. Instead the MainScream media, including local newspapers like the one here in Staunton, continued to focus and return to the “Maccaca” story. Even when this story started to fall off they found other stories to keep the “Issues” important to Virginia voters out of the spotlight. Brent Bozell had a great story on this topic on
"By Election Day, 112 Post (Washington Post) news stories and editorials had used the word "macaca." But that wasn't enough. Then came the truly shaky allegations that Allen used the "N-word" during his college days in the 1970s. Still, that wasn't enough. Stories that young Allen stuffed deer heads into the mailboxes of black folks for laughs were deemed as newsworthy history and not merely as hearsay. Reporters like Shear acknowledged that the accusers were Democratic partisans, but that didn't stop them from spreading them around. Rumors were king -- and the "defensive crouch" was established.

Now that the election is over the Senator-elect has started to talk some of the issues that should have been presented to the Virginia voters before the election. Recently Webb had a article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal “Opinion Journal” section. The article is entitled “Class Struggle” and I urge you to read it to see how your Senator-elect feels about our economy and economic policies.

Now that we now know how the Senator-elect feels about these issues it would have been nice to have been able to see these issues highlighted by the media instead of stories from “Democratic partisans”… Maybe we could have heard the answers to questions like:

Mr. Webb. You stated that: “America’s Top Tier own most of our stocks, making the stock market an unreliable indicator of the economic health of working people.” Is it not true that the majority and up to 70% of the citizens are invested in the stock market and have seen the incredible returns in the last two decades since the Reagan and Bush
tax cuts?

You also added: “The tax codes protect them, just as they protect corporate America, through a vast system of loopholes“. “The average CEO of a sizeable corporation makes more than $10 million a year, while the minimum wage for workers amounts to about $10,000 a year”. While that is a large difference, ( minimum wage is now $5.15 an hour and $10,712 a year as compared to $10,000 a year and $4.81 an hour as you stated) I am sure the productivity and qualification of the CEO is probably a bit more then the minimum wage worker you mentioned. By the way, show me somebody working at the minimum wage and show their qualifications. There is probably a good reason why they are making the minimum wage for they maybe new to the job market, limited skills, part time worker, poorly educated, or the likes. What do you as the Senator-elect propose to do to increase the “Marketability” of that person to make them more productive and valuable to the job market? Also Mr. Webb, if you propose to raise taxes on the corporations who pays for those increases? Are the increased taxes just passed onto the consumer and gives the evil corporations more reason to move “offshore” to find lower taxes?
You also brought up: “In the age of globalization and outsourcing, and with a vast underground labor pool from illegal immigration” What is your stance on illegal immigration and how do you intend to deal with this “Underground labor pool?”

And how about the statement: “medical costs have risen 73% in the last six years alone. Half of that increase comes from wage-earners' pockets rather than from insurance, and 47 million Americans have no medical insurance at all."
How do you intend to address this issue and do you favor a “Socialist” view for the healthcare issue? Of the 47 million that are not insured is that because of their choice to spend their income and if they do not “Invest” in healthcare should the state provide it?

There are numerous other questions and issues that we could have asked the Senator-elect before the election but we will just have to watch his actions over the next 6 years. Shame the media did not focus on any of this during the campaign for they were spending valuable print space on people dressed in “Monkey & Banana” costumes in downtown Staunton…


Bubba said...

Now that he has been given the election, he needs to come up with something of substance. It will be interesting to see what else surfaces now since he cannot hide in the media's shadow anymore.

I liked him on the tube the other day taliking about how we need to get more Iranians and Syrians into Iraq......that is the problem their now. Too many Iranian and Syrian terrorists being sent by their govm'ts to destabilize Iraq. Lol.....what will One term Webb bring out next?

RightsideVA said...


It will be interesting when it is proven that the WMD's were moved into Syria before we went into Iraq. There is a book by one of Husseins Generals who told of many plans flying the WMD's, that we all know he had (even Clinton), into Syria. I understand there were also Sat photos of long columns of trucks driving into Syria from Iraq. Husseins furniture???

JFR said...

How can you say Jim Webb was not talking the issues?!!!

His website was always putting up the issues but you people were afraid of talking them for you knew you were going to lose. Jim Webb came to town and met with us and we had a great time for we could see this is the man who will take Virginia back and he has done it! Where was George Allen when he said he was coming downtown? He was afraid to even talk to the people of Staunton where he knew we would not believe his lies and the lies of Bush. You people just cant take the loss. Wait until 2008 when you lose the White House also!

RightsideVA said...


Yes his website was but you know as much as I do that a very large part of the voting bloc does not go to websites and unfortunately some are only exposed to what their local paper gives them. They do watch local TV reporting but unfortunately that is not much better at times. Look at even the major newspapers like the Wash Post and they had 112 stories on the "Maccaca" bit before the election. They then went to the "N" word "Story" and concentrated on that. Did they ever ask Webb if he used the "N" word and how was that presented?

Our local paper also pushed their agenda for just look at their coverage, and lack of coverage, of the candidates when they visited Staunton. Their editorial cartoons were very much slanted one way and that is their right. But like the right of the Dixie Chicks to say what they want the paper has their right to print what they want. With that the citizens have the right to read, watch, and purchase that which they want. It was interesting to see how our other local newspaper the NewsVirginian covered many of the stories, not in their town but in Staunton, that the NewsLeader failed or refused to present to their readers.

"You people just cant take the loss."

We admit the loss and the loss across the U.S. this election. The Shenandoah Valley went strong for Allen, Goodlatte, and the amendments. Believe me when I tell you work is in the process to change things once again. Good planning, strong efforts, dedication, and the help of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker will bring the GOP back strong in Virginia...

Viewpoint said...

"Our local paper also pushed their agenda for just look at their coverage, and lack of coverage, of the candidates when they visited Staunton."

Will you never stop whining (while claiming you aren't?).

For example, when The News Leader covered Allen's failure to visit Staunton's downtown as he had promised (but instead hid out at Wright's Dairy Bar), that story was below the fold. What was above the fold? A big picture of a smiling Allen embracing an African-American woman and a major story on Allen's appearance at a rally (and other events) in Augusta County.

Allen lost because he had nothing to offer except his loyalty to President Bush -- and Bush has worn out his welcome.

RightsideVA said...


The deal is that I will call the local media on stories that they do and do not cover in the local area. Nah. I will call them on National issues when they ignore them as well. A perfect example of that will be the new level of civility and honesty that Pelosi is claiming they will bring to Congress. Look they are not even in the new offices yet and they have problems picking their own chairmen’s for most of them are nothing but “Crooks & Liars” from the past and we will be sure to point that out…

Whining? I still don’t think so. Will be pointing out all of those things that people have been talking about before, during, after, and going into the next election. Rightside will be sure to point out why one local paper can report an event or appearance while the home newspaper ignores, yes ignores the same news… The perfect and repeated example of this was the Allen visit a week before the election to Staunton but one of the two local papers ignored it all together. Another time was when this same paper ignored a local Delegate speaking to the local chamber of commerce about TRANSPORTATION issues and did not mention it at all when another local paper covered it. They say Newspapers\media are there to “Call” the officials on issues and check into the facts, ask the hard questions, and be the advocate of the people. They now say the “Blogs” are here to do the same to the newspapers\media… And I have not used the names of the newspapers that are doing this in this reply for it is not a mission against anyone paper or how they choose to report. Not just a local issue either. My original post shows how the Washington Post did “"By Election Day, 112 Post (Washington Post) news stories and editorials had used the word "macaca." This will be both interesting and fun…

Putting the story of Allen’s failure to visit Staunton under the fold instead of above it was just a geography issue. The story may have been below another piece on Allen but it was still covered on the front page for maximum traction. Kind of like when you guys endorsed Allen for Senator when you really did not want to but you knew Webb had no qualifications on paper and endorsing Webb would be suicide if he lost… Now about the description of the above-fold story you used “A big picture of a smiling Allen embracing an African-American woman and a major story on Allen’s appearance at a rally”… Why did you need to point out that it was an “African American Woman” in the photo?

You also stated “Allen lost because he had nothing to offer except his loyalty to President Bush” which is actually just a crock that the media and the Local Dem’s pushed to avoid the issues that Senator Allen was talking about at each opportunity. If the Newspapers reporter that was at the Allen visit a week before the election had reported he would have, or should I say “Should have”. reported the numerous issues that Allen spoke about. Issues that directly concerned Virginia politics, government, and what he has done in the past for the citizens of Virginia. Something that Webb could not talk about for he has no history of doing anything, or would do, for Virginia… Remember, that’s why you guys did not endorse him!!!

Viewpoint said...

"Why did you need to point out that it was an “African American Woman” in the photo?"

Silly me. I thought that running that picture was designed to show Allen as a sympathetic figure in the aftermath of his Macaca Moment. Now you're signalling me it was part of a dastardly plot to discredit Allen among his racist supporters? Wow. That's heavy stuff.

PS: Why do you keep addressing me as "you guys" (as in "Remember, that’s why you guys did not endorse him!!!")as though I was that local newspaper that has earned your ire? I'm just me. I think.

PPS: Do you think there is something evil about being a Democrat? Just curious.

RightsideVA said...

Racist supporters?
Please explain more for it seems to me that highlighting the "African American" woman could be viewed as "racisim".

Also thought I was "talking" to the paper or it at least felt that way. How is it that the NewsLeader did endorse Allen. With all that racist comments and attacks on minorities that he was supposed to have done why would they endorse him?

No. Just highlighting their actions and tactics.

Viewpoint said...

"How is it that the NewsLeader did endorse Allen. With all that racist comments and attacks on minorities that he was supposed to have done why would they endorse him?"

I think The News Leader said Allen had "passion". That endorsement left me shaking my head just as much as their endorsement of Bush in 2004 -- couldn't figure out what they were trying to say. The logic was, uh, opaque.

As to why they would endorse Allen after reporting his alleged racist escapades, maybe they are a bunch of closet racists. That would explain the photo I mentioned, too.

Oh, well, we go to the polls with the endorsements we have, to paraphrase our outgoing SecDef.

The Evil One

RightsideVA said...


Do you feel the “Maccaca” incident was really racial and to the level of using the “N” word as (Seinfeld) Michael Richards has just used and Mel Gibson used a few months back? Also when Jim Webb was asked if he had ever used the “N” word he said something to the effect “Anybody growing up in the South has pretty much used that word”. Did that confirm that Allen did in fact use the “N” word and even more did that mean Webb, as everyone growing up in the South did, use the “N” word himself? Seems to me that Webb may have “admitted” to using the “N” word with his statement. Why didn’t everybody go after him for that?

And as far as the NewsLeaser being “a bunch of closet racists” I would probably have to say no to that. I believe they highlighted the photo of Allen with the African-American woman to show how “Fair & Balance” they are in their reporting. Also by endorsing Bush & Allen they feel it shows they are neutral but just look at the stories, reporting, and even the one sided use of editorial cartoons that they have done.

You asked if I “Hate” democrats…
By calling on the local media and how they covered recent local events does that appear that I hate the Democrats or I am a sore loser? If I go after the Senator-elect the same way that the local media and liberal bloggers went after Allen will that be the same?

If Nancy Pelosi and the New Democrat controllers of Congress move ahead and appoint Democrats such as Alcee hastings to be leaders of sensitive committees as reported, will the media report on his past? Will people like Hastings get the same “Fair & Balanced” coverage as Allen or Representative Foley got?

If I continue to ask or comment on the coverage provided by the national and local media will that mean I “hate” Democrats or am a “Sore” loser???

Viewpoint said...

Hey, Mr. Rightside:

I have trouble understanding what you are saying. I never asked if you "hate Democrats", and I never called you a "sore loser". I did opine you were whining. And I did wonder why you think I am the News Leader. They don't pay me, I have to pay them to bring the paper every morning.

But anyway, I'll tell you one really big difference between George Allen and his Macaca Moment and Jim Webb and his response to the question about saying "nigger" (I hope using the word does not offend you unduly -- saying "the n-word" sounds like we are a bunch of second graders).

Allen made a fool of himself -- or thought we were all fools -- with the jazz about not knowing what it meant or maybe it was a made-up word or maybe it was a garble for "Mohawk" (haircut)or maybe it was a compound word ("mo" for "more" and "caca" for excrement). All the fumbling around by the Allen crowd just made folks shake their heads. Anyone who could connect the dots could get from Tunisia to Breaks. And then Allen issued the worst kind of apology, the blame-the-victim type.

I didn't read the coverage of Webb being asked about his use of language, so I'll accept your description of it ("Also when Jim Webb was asked if he had ever used the “N” word he said something to the effect “Anybody growing up in the South has pretty much used that word”.") That's a pretty straightforward response. If asked again, he would just repeat that answer. Just as long as he doesn't say something like "I didn't exhale the word", he's covered. (That's sort of a Clinton joke, if I'm allowed to do one.)

Allen came across as a liar, or at best a ducker and dodger. Webb came across as being straight. Allen's offense was here and now. Webb's, if any, was in the past. I think in politics you can get away with a lot if you 'fess up. Fast.

Now, don't you go hating me for saying all that. I'm just telling you how I think it played, and I'm not calling anybody names.

And I don't hate you for lumping George Allen and Mark Foley together (I just hope Allen doesn't.) One thing you don't get away with in politics is attempted kiddy-diddling.


Mr. Hateful

the_stenographer said...


1. "Our local paper also pushed their agenda for just look at their coverage, and lack of coverage, of the candidates when they visited Staunton."

Will you never stop whining (while claiming you aren't?).

**It doesn't seem at all that he is whining. It seems to me that he is just relating facts. Is the assumption that he made false?**

2. For example, when The News Leader covered Allen's failure to visit Staunton's downtown as he had promised (but instead hid out at Wright's Dairy Bar), that story was below the fold.

**It would be wise to note that Allen was doing anything BUT hiding at Write's Dairy Rite. There were so many people there that he simply could not physically get out in time. There weren't that many people in that restaurant since the Statler Brothers used to make appearances there.**

3. I never asked if you "hate Democrats", and I never called you a "sore loser".

**No, not directly, but the implications were high. You asked him if he thought there was something evil about being a Democrat. In many cases, evil and hate fall into the same categories. Or at the least, they follow the 'where there is smoke, there is fire' cliche. As far as calling him a sore loser, you did as much by asking him if he would ever stop whining. In your mind, he was whining about losing the election and the lack of press coverage from the local newspapers. There is a difference first of all, between whining and presenting the facts. In the 'whining' post, he presented irrefutable facts. If RightSide is a sore loser, then what did he mean when he stated, "We admit the loss and the loss across the U.S. this election." After that, he again, stated facts about our localities voting record and the election in general.**

I guess this only boils down to how you use the word 'is' ("That's sort of a Clinton joke, if I'm allowed to do one.").

RightsideVA said...


My mistake...
You said "Do you think there is something evil about being a Democrat? Just curious."

I responded to that as if you asked if I hated Democrats. Unfortunately busy and early days at work this week and checking computer before running out each morning very early. My mistake...

Evil? No...
I do not see Democrats as "Evil" but I do see them as the "Party" which tends to favor less personal responsibility and the easier way out with some choices. That statement leaves me wide open but I believe you may know what I mean when I say it that way...

Viewpoint said...

Dear Rightsides --

I came a-blogging because I thought it might be informative and interesting, and that I might open a conversation with people with whom I disagree.

There have been moments that qualify, but most of the exchange seems to be opinion-slanging or "he said/she said".

My primary interest in the Internet (of which Al Gore, although not and never claiming to be the inventer, was an early and vigorous supporter) is for Biblical interpretation and study.

I shall return to that, and leave y'all to fuss about how the newspaper that gave your guys a passionate endorsement was mean to you.


Glad to be Loved in Virginia

RightsideVA said...


You are always welcomed here for you have been civil and informative. Several other local blogs are having problems with people posting very angry, rude, offensive attacks on their blogs. They have had to go to moderation to avoid very offensive material reaching the public thru the bloggers blog.

I will leave the Al Gore thing alone for his actions with the net have been somewhat questioned.

"Biblical interpretation and study." is something that I have tried and would like to see more on this blog but when you bring up the bible or religion on a blog with the word "Right" in it's title you pretty much get written off as a Christian wacko which I am not... You are welcome to come up with a topic if you like to see where it can go...

Jennie Coughlin said...

At the risk of getting jumped all over for being a Leader staff member, I'd like to point out that we did ask each candidate his/her stance on CEO pay, the tax code, minimum wage and health care, and we published those answers -- unedited -- as part of our Voter Guide, along with many others.

Those answers remained up on throughout the campaign, plus we repeated some of them the Sunday before the election in our expanded Voter Guide.

And since you mention "valuable print space," Voter Guide took up much more space than all the Allen and Webb stories combined during the campaign.

RightsideVA said...


Thanks for your comments and they are here for all to see. I did see the questions\answers in the Voter Guide provided by the NewsLeader. My question and the questions of many in the area is where were the "Hardball" questions for Webb on the editorial\opinion page as there were for Senator Allen?

I have asked Dennis Neal numerous times why the editorial cartoons were very much one sided and directed mostly at Senator Allen. I will not quote his reply here for I no longer have the direct word for word quote and have learned that one... In all of the months leading up to the election I can not recall a toon about Webb.

I have also asked how the NewsVirginian can and has attended the same Republican function as reporters from the NewsLeader but only the NV reports the story. This past Monday Republican State Senator Emmet Hanger met with a Waynesboro group and spoke about the federal budget and how he wants social services increased. NV had a good size article on the visit of a State Senator, Newsleader did not mention a thing.

A week or so back Republican Delegate Chris Saxman met with the Chamber of Commerce and spoke in detail about changing VDOT locations to increase productivity and reduce costs to the taxpayer. NewsVirginian again did a informative article, NewsLeader ignored it once again...

One week before the election the U.S. Senator came to Staunton and met with 120+ supporters, numerous people in Mrs. Rowes, met with the press, spoke to many and NewsLeader reporter Royer was there the whole time. NewsVirginian again did a complete and informative story, the NewsLeader did Not write one line about the visit...

By having a Voter Guide it is a nice service for your readers and many do not have internet access or willing to look for this information on the website. But they do see what the NewsLeader prints, and does not print, in the newspaper.

The NewsLeader does not have to cater to me nor does it have to answer my questions and claims in their lack of reporting or "selective" reporting. But many people that I have met working in this town have commented on the NewsLeader coverage.

Just as you are sure that you will be "getting jumped all over " for responding here I am sure I will get the "Jumping" also for my post\comments. Many will say that I am only a sore loser, feel the NewsLeader is bias, or "Not taking this (the loss) well at all" but like you responding I too much ask the questions out there. Traffic and comments on these questions as well as support has been coming in from all over. This is why I believe blogs have become an outlet for questions to be asked and discussed. If people do not feel they are getting the proper coverage that they deserve they will and are looking elsewhere...

Thanks again for your comments and you are welcome here...

Jennie Coughlin said...

The short answer to your question about coverage differences between The News Leader and the News Virginian is that we have different news judgement across the board, not just when covering politics.

It's not unusual to look at both papers on the same day and see widely differing front pages. They make their decisions based on their values. We make our decisions based on our values, which include providing useful information about issues that affect readers' lives. That's what drove us to create Voter Guide back in the fall of 2003, the Neighbors series and meeting boxes in 2004 and Class Notes and the Community page earlier this year. It also drives which stories we pursue and where we play them.

The general response from readers since we started overhauling our coverage decisions has been overwhelmingly positive, though there certainly are people who disagree.

RightsideVA said...


"though there certainly are people who disagree." I take that would be me?

Thank you for your "Comments" and I will be sure to keep them for future use as a reminder...

Then I take that the NewsLeader feels that a U.S. Senator statements before a mid-term election is not newsworthy?

The statements of a local Virginia Delegate about a transportation issue, which has been a strong topic recently, is not newsworthy?

The statements of a Virginia State Senator about the current federal budget deficit and how he wants to increase social services spending is also not newsworthy to Virginia citizens?

Thank you for pointing that out to us...

Jennie Coughlin said...

First, "people who disagree" doesn't refer to you personally. I've talked to many people during the last few years upset that we're covering or not covering particular events or issues -- in all areas, not just politics. Many more have told us they like the changes, especially the In The News Q&A on the Community page.

I didn't say those particular events weren't newsworthy. All I said was comparing what we run to what The News Virginian runs will show differences in all areas of coverage, not just political. Then I explained our approach. It was not intended as commentary on any single story choice, either the ones you listed above or others. Please don't take it that way.

Out of curiousity, what do you think of the items I did list? (Neighbors, Voter Guide, Class Notes, meeting boxes, Community page) They all stem from the same value system. Do you dislike them as much as you dislike our political coverage?

RightsideVA said...


The Q&A on the community page is good and people seem to like those features. “comparing what we run to what The News Virginian runs will show differences in all areas of coverage, not just political.” So lets not make it a comparison to the NewsVirginian. Let’s look at it as if the mentioned events were worth covering or even a mention in the NewsLeader. Since the NV did cover these events it seems that there must have been some interest there.

At this point I will open myself to impending comments that will follow by those who feel I am just being a sore loser and “Not handling this at all well”. I am a Conservative Republican and I find it interesting that all three examples provided were local Republican events\issues in a County that voted 68.7% for the Republican candidate.

The first was a visit by the Republican U.S. Senator a week before the mid-term election.

The second was a meeting with statements from a Republican Virginia Delegate who discussed closing VDOT facilities to consolidate and save taxpayer money. Transportation issues have been pretty strong and hot this past season or so…

The third was a meeting with a Republican Virginia State Senator, which at times its hard to see the Republican in him, that talks about the national federal deficit being too high and wants to raise spending in social services across the board.

“Do you dislike them as much as you dislike our political coverage?” Those features are good for the community and I believe you when you say readers like them and have said so. Dislike the NewsLeader political coverage? Would not say I “Dislike” your coverage for if so it is my responsibility to look elsewhere for my local news coverage and I do look elsewhere. The topic of “Blogs” and their accuracy or research has come up many times in the past. As I said a few posts back that I am NOT a journalist and never claimed to be one. Few bloggers are but there is a value and demand for debates, issues, comments, and opinions other then what the local editor deems “Newsworthy”.

Last year there was the election recount for the Virginia Attorney General race which Republican Bob McDonnell was confirmed as the winner. I attended the recount in Staunton and saw the local newspapers reporters looking for the hot story and a upset in the count. There was nothing to report for the final count did not change very much from the initial count and this was disappointing to the Democrats that also observed the recount. That’s another story at another time. This was an important recount for Virginia but yet there was very little print space or airtime spent on it for there was no upset. Many of us went to the blogs that night to find what other observers saw and found at their local recounts. The bloggers knew pretty much what was going on that night and only found small mentions of the final out come the next day…

Blame it on the media? No, for it is the job of the candidate to get his message out there even if the media wants to dwell on “Maccaca” for weeks on end. That and other reasons are why Senator Allen was not re-elected to office.

Do I feel there is media bias? How do you feel about the coverage of the above mentioned events?

Senator-elect Webb has already got “Noticed” for his actions on the Hill and in meeting the President. How will the NewsLeader report on this? It will be interesting to see…

Hard to the Right said...

The NewsLeader did an editorial on it this morning and they actually called Webb on his actions.

He is off to a great start already I see...

David Royer said...


You talk about this visit to Rowe's like it was some watershed event that could have changed the course of the election. It wasn't. Allen shook a few hands, smiled and said the same things he'd said in four previous visits covered by the News Leader. More interesting to me was the marriage rally later on in the day, so I wrote about that instead. If the breakfast stop was so important, why were Bob Stuart and I the only local reporters there? And for the record, Rowe's is in Brands Flat, not Staunton.

As far as the Chamber meeting the other day, that one was evidently so vital, no legislators bothered to show up --- except Chris Saxman, who made a few off the cuff statements and quickly left. All the reporters present were left shaking their heads wondering how to turn that into a story.

Is my coverage biased? You betcha --- biased in favor of producing a story that will interest and inform readers.

RightsideVA said...


Senator Allen did more then just “Shook a few hands” and repeated the same old stuff from before. To you it was the same old stuff and nothing worth reporting for there was no slip, gaffe, mistake, or damaging statement that you could run with. I saw you several times at the event but I find it hard that you missed when the Senator turned the floor over to a 20 year old Marine who had just gotten back from serving 6 months in Iraq for his comments. The Marine was a local citizen who has been in the middle of it all and spoke about losing friends there but also the importance of staying and getting the job done. Speaking of how dedicated the troops are to getting the job done and not wanting to be pulled out until the job is done. Again nothing scandalous for you and the NewsLeader to run with. But yet there were 120+ supporters there for the event from the “Local” area. Senator Allen also walked the whole building and met with people who were not there specifically for the event and was received very enthusiastically by all except two. The only “Negative” comments heard were from two of the older ladies that work at Mrs. Rowes when they saw me putting up a “Marriage Amendment” sign… Nothing negative so nothing to print…
Bob Stuart was there and I believe he did a pretty good story on the visit and he wasn’t even the “Hometown” reporter. So there was nothing “Worthy” to print? Stuart was very good at making “Something out of Nothing” then.

The Chamber meeting the other day? Nothing to print or even mention there either. Nothing negative or slip ups to capitalize on. NewsVirginian found value in the meeting to print it and understand that the local paper exists to report what goes on in the local area and not just look for negatives. Saxman spoke about consolidating VDOT locations to make them more efficient and reduce taxpayer money waste if possible. Not important? Seems like you guys have numerous Letters to the editor in today’s issue beating you guys up for your editorial on State Workers raises? I believe VDOT workers are state workers and even “Locals“ … Maybe there was a story there after all…

“Is my coverage biased? You betcha --- biased in favor of producing a story that will interest and inform readers.”

Seems to me the story’s of the Marine and VDOT State employees would have been interesting and informative to your readers.

Observer said...


Just a general comment.

I appreciate the fact that your blog is not censored ("moderated"). As far as I have seen, people posting are usually civil -- if also often vigorous.

There is the occasional playground-level comment, but it looks as though people are generally policing themselves. That's nice.

You and I won't agree on much, I think, but maybe others reading what we say will have a new thought or two.

RightsideVA said...


Thanks for comments and in the past I too had to moderate for some posters out there got somewhat out of line and dirty attacks. Mostly on other people commenting to my posts and I did not think it proper to allow that when I was not able to get on-line often to watch those comments.

You and I will probably not agree on much but that is why we are both here to put out the other side and debate...

It is interesting to see some people cry "Censorship" when they get "Moderated" because their posts are just hateful and step over the line. I am working on a post that should be up tonight about the use of tactics to prevent somebody from expressing their viewpoints and it is interesting to see the history of the disruptors....