Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"There is GOOD News out there ??!!"

Iraq “Air Force Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt, of the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group at Balad, Iraq, cradles a young girl as they both sleep in the hospital. The Girl’s entire family was executed by insurgents; the killers shot her in the head as well. The girl received treatment at the U.S. military hospital in Balad, but cries and moans often. According to the nurses at the facility, Gebhardt is the only one who can calm down the girl, so he has spent the last several nights holding her while they both sleep in a chair.”

This was sent to me by a friend in New Jersey who had it passed on to him. I do not have the actual newspaper that it was printed in but the photo credit is "David Gilmore Jr. \ United States Air Force" so it may be a military publication. My friend asked if I had seen this photo published anywhere else and this is the only place I have seen it hardcopy. I must have missed it if it was published in my local newspaper here in Staunton Virginia, or maybe they had more pressing issues to discuss. I advised him that with all the media coverage of the war on terrorism and the battles in Iraq & Afghanistan you would think this would have been published most everywhere. Unfortunately it seems this type of "News" is not note worthy or deserving of print space in the mainstream media.


zen said...

The Girl’s entire family was executed by insurgents; the killers shot her in the head as well.

Have you ever considered that many people do not view this as "good news?"

RightsideVA said...

What I viewed as "good news" is the acknowledgement that our troops are doing a great job as compared to all the negative items that the Mainstrem media concentrates on. The good news is that items like this actually made it to the light of day and made it past the MSM censors looking to report only negative from Iraq. Why isn't this in the mainstream media? Why isn't it on the front page of the Staunton NewsLeader Newspaper?

If the RightsideVA blog can pass something like this on why cant the bigger media sources? That fact that the girls family was murdered and she was shot is terrible but what will happen to her and families like hers once Webb and the Democrats get the phased re-deployment they are calling for?

zen said...

In case you've missed something...many Americans, including many in the military, and more and more Republicans are against adding to the mess in Iraq. Just thought you needed to be reminded of that.

I think this story might be well served on the front page of People magazine. Certainly a human interest story, but not front page news.

RightsideVA said...

"Many in the military"...
Is that majority or just many?
How much is many? I heard some Dem say "Majority" today and was called on it and started stuttering when questioned on that claim...
How much is "More and More"...
What do you think the "Bad guys" are predicting before we turn tail and "Redeploy" as Webb calls for?
And what type of re-deployment?
Pull the troops out of Iraq and stage them in "Strategic" places...
Is that Syria? Eqypt? Lebanon? or maybe he means Delaware? Isn't these the countries where the insurgents are coming from already?

People magazine?
Human interest?
Not a "News" story?

Is that why it's not covered by the Staunton NewsLeader? Does not meet their high level of Journalistic Integrity?

zen said...

I suggest you give this a good listen:

RightsideVA said...

Don't have high speed so gave up about half way loading after drinking all my coffee waiting...

I believe it is probably Hagel's comments about supporting the President and the additional troops going to Iraq to help finish the job.

It is not uncommon for some people to go soft when the going gets tough. Look at Warner.

We need to let the military do what they were trained for and support them in doing it. Turn the boys loose and get the job done and the insurgents will subside. Allow them to attack at will with only limited response from our military and attacks will continue.

zen said...

So, let me see if I understand you correctly. What you are proposing is that the military act outside of their stated mission. Which by the way, is to provide security at this point I believe. And instead use whatever means necessary to kill the "evil doers." I suppose that means destroying cities and infrastructure with reckless abandon. If I've guessed wrong at what you mean plaes tell me specificially what you recommend when you say, "Turn the boys loose and get the job done."
What do you think the "limitaions" are in place for? Since you obviously have no respect for the will of the American people, what do you think the results of your recommendations would be on the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people?

RightsideVA said...

And allow them to provide security? Is this a "War" or a "Police Action" as you just described it? Was not that the big complaint about Viet Nam that it was a Police action and not allowed to be fought as a war?

"destroying cities and infrastructure with reckless abandon" would not be wise for I hear we have rebuilt so much of the infrastructure already. By destroying the city or roads would not deter the enemy here, in fact that is what the insurgents, terrorist, enemy, or "Evil doers" as you just called them, have been doing to interupt rebuilding Iraq.

The "Limitations" in place are ones that require our guys to go thru a long list before they are allowed to return fire or take aggressive actions. One cannot not win a "War" if they are handcuffed by too many rules. If we do support the troops, as the Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice claim at their rallies, why do we not trust our troops to be allowed to defend themselves and go aggressive? Maybe there is too much fear that we will throw our own guys in jail if they are not politically correct in their fighting of the war?

Look at all the problems with the prison camp last year "Abu-Gahrib" (Spelling wrong) and Gitmo. Here we have people caught on the battlefield trying to kill our Troops but yet many of those from the anti-war, Left, are all out effort to protect them? Protect the man who tried to kill you for you never know what some might say about you...

No respect for the will of the American People? You mean because they have lost interest in the war on terrorism because nothing has happened here in 5 years? Because many of our "Fat" citizens know complain that we are spending $$$ on Iraq instead of on them? Why are we spending $$$ on a fence to keep illegals out? Who will pick my vegetables? That American People? The left has done a great job, with the help of the media, to turn this thing around and provide an environment that promotes people to whine that the money spent on terrorism should have been spent on them instead.

Sure you will enjoy this part but it is an important part of this discussion. Go back to my post about how the rally in Staunton was covered by both local papers and only the NewsVirginian interviewed somebody who was in the war. The NewsLeader once again interviewed, photographed, and researched the anti-war effort and statements. The other paper contacted a Sgt. just back from serving a year in downtown Baghdad to explore the other aspect of the subject. Since that time the NewsLeader has had numerous opportunities to be able to get the other half of the story if wanted but have not.

I have talked with the Sgt. and several other troops back from serving in this war. Many times I have heard the phrase "We are Hand-cuffed" many times...

Maybe a story for the NewsLeader if they wanted the full, or other story?

zen said...

Clearly it's an occupation. We are "at peace" with the Iraqi government. It's clear that we are there, occupying the country, to help the fledgeling Iraqi government by helping to establish security in the middle of their civil war. How can you even deny this?

How many contractors are there fighting, killing, dying and do not have to operate under any rules of the military? And who operate without being under Iraqi law? The answer is over 100,000. So they are certainly NOT "handcuffed." Do you think that helps the military, our image, or goals?

Interesting you mention throwing our soldiers in jail. How many have been convicted (rightfully so) for murder? For killing prisoners?
Interesting also that you bring up detainees in various places, like Gitmo. You seem pretty fond of blaming everyone else. "but yet many of those from the anti-war, Left, are all out effort to protect them?" But how about some facts? The US Supreme Court ruled that these human beings (lest you forget) deserve protections of the Geneva Conventions. Not the "anti-war left" nor the media, nor Democrats—the SUPREME COURT. So take up your issue with them, and stop blaming those that have not made policy or law.
So being that we indeed are a nation of laws, despite your selective ignorance of this fact, maybe you can tell me how many of these people have actually been charged with anything at all? I'll tell you, out of 775 detainees only 10 have been charged.

Pretty fond of what voices from the military say. In this country the military is under the command of the civilian leadership, that is in turn working for the will of the American public. While not perfect, it is the best we have, and is infact the law of the land. Inherent is a trust between those that choose to defend the country and those that send them into harm's way. There also exists a trust between the people that the government will not lie us into war. A "circle of trust" if you will. It's a real shame that while you praise some voices who have served in the military, yet you have utter contempt for others. As if there is only one way to love, serve and defend this country.
America is much, much more than the sum of it's parts. Much more than the people, the land, the assets, the institutions. It is embodied in the spirit of our laws and our freedoms. It is the Constitution that makes America. The contempt that has been shown America in the name of "war" is shameful. If we do not defend our rules and protections then the all is lost. It matters not what terrorists do if we so willfully destroy what actually gives America it's strength.

You confirm your lack of respect for the will of the American people, just as president Bush. Tell me what sort of country, what type of government exists when the will of the people is ignored, when the law of the land is not upheld? It is not the America that many people believe in, nor the America that many have fought and died for. The sad irony is that some have some distorted idea that nationalistic pride usurps all else. They are the same folks that throw around the term "Islamofascists." I wonder if they even know the definition of Fascisim?

RightsideVA said...

It is ovious that you do not understand the meaning of the phrase "Turn the boys loose". Thats O.K. you are a product of your environment and I won't even claim you have "Selective Ignorance" of the subject as you did of me.

Don't worry brother. We will cover your back when it gets ugly again...

Bubba said...

Occupation huh?!

Gee guess we should just roll some trucks into Anbar and Baghdad and just haul everyone out to a field and shoot them all. Or better yet why don't we make all those people slaves and have them rebuild the infrastructure? Why have we not built the gas chambers and Ovens yet?

Oh yeah that is because we Liberated the Iraqis and are helping them rebuild. Sometimes I forget, what the news doesn't tell me what I should already know.

And please refresh my memory....I could be wrong.....but didn't we NOT ratify they Geneva Conventions as a valid treaty? How is it that the Supreme Farce can legislate rights that we never ratified to those who are not even defined as a party that would be granted said rights under the NON ratified treaty. Hmm could it be that they are basically trying to strech their power to use interpretation to legislation to make law? Wonder how many are BUSH haters if we took a poll.

Somehow our National Compass has been reset to make the priority for the people something other than the preservation of the AMERICAN way of life. Geez, people make me sick!