Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The "Humble" estate of John Edwards (D)...


Thinking back to the 2004 Presidential election when Kerry's buddy and V.P. running mate John Edwards made these comments, the Investors Business Daily had some interesting info on his new "spread"...

"But this home belongs to the John Edwards who said during the 2004 campaign that there are "two Americas," one "that is struggling to get by," another "that can buy anything it wants."

"Trial lawyer and presidential candidate John Edwards and wife Elizabeth live a 10,778-square-foot main home near Chapel Hill, N.C., that sprawls across a spread that would take up several blocks in an East Coast city."

Connected to Edwards' not-so-humble abode are 15,600 square feet of outbuildings that house a gym, a pool, a raquetball court, two stages, a four-story tower and a room set aside as John's Lounge.


isham said...

Holy global warming!, Batman. Where are the solar panels??

Jack Landers said...

Since when is wealth evil? Edwards never said that there is anything wrong with people having a lot of money or nice houses. He said that we should have a tax structure and a set of economic policies that provides greater opportunity to lower income people. Improving grassroots access to our system of capitalism in the ways that Edwards advocates is the antithesis of communism. Support for small businesses, allowing reimportation (free market trade) of prescription drugs and providing American businesses with a more educated workforce. These are all things which are pro-capitalist.

Edwards' whole story is that he's been part of both Americas. He grew up poor and later made himself rich. There's nothing about his house that contradicts anything he's said.

Anonymous said...

Wealth is one thing but think about what a carbon footprint he must have!


dignan said...

Al Gore has responded to the Radical-Right and Matt Drudge here:

He describes how he and his family are going "Green Power" to offset any extra carbon that they may use.

Maybe if those on the Right would take personal responsibility as they claim they are for, they would look at the massive carbon footprint of the United States and do something about it.

But you will find no such "Personal Responsibility" here at RS or over at SwacGirl and Maxfield for they can't see the FACTS looking at them straight in the face.

What a Pethetic bunch of losers.....

RightsideVA said...


So what you are saying is that Gore and the Edwards estate can pollute all they want as long as they donate money to their "Friends" groups and buy credits to make it better?

Are they still not polluting, and at a much higher rate then the rest of us?

And where does that money go from the carbon credits they buy? Who reports what is actually done with that money and who decides where that money is spent?

Pathetic is a good word to use here. Gore\Edwards can pollute 20x more then the rest of us, they can preach to us how we must sacrafice to meet their goals, they can blame the "Right" for not buying into the whole "Man caused warming" bit, and they make it right by buying those funny looking CF lightbulbs?...
"Pathetic" is right...

Anonymous said...

This is when the liberals start drawing the straw men and go nowhere. I'm just waiting for the namecalling to commence. that's their ilk; totally expected, OR, we'll be hearing the crickets chirp on this comment thread.

Let's face it - there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being rich. Hell, I sure am, but I don't go playing the part of being a fucking libtard hypocritical asshole, yammering about "global warming" and then trying to tell people what they should do and not do, all at the same time they are consuming more energy and farting more, which contributes greatly more to this so-called "disaster" than anyone else.

What's worse than a liberal? A stammering Libertarian Leftist that doesn't know the difference between shit and apple butter.

The ilk above is seeping from Staunton Daily News Leader's blogtard posting site like pus from an oozing sore.

Hippies stink.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good blog you have here, rightside. It's good to be on the right side, that is for certain.

Right = RIGHT


Dignan said...

Rightside, what you fail to acknowledge is that both Al Gore and John Edwards accept their responsibility to do something about the effects on Global warming by man.
By purchasing “credits” they counter the carbon that they are responsible for producing and take a progressive approach to this problem. Unlike the fat-cat republicans like yourself who continue to claim there is no global warming and that it is just a period we are going through. Your selfishness does not surprise me for you continue to attack Nancy Pelosi at every opportunity and show how immature you and your shit-blog is.

Harkonnen also shows how your side continues to ignore the truth and probably has not even seen Al Gore’s documentary that proves man is responsible for global warming and the discussion is over. It is time to respond to many years of ignorance by Bush and Cheney and now we have a Congress who has leaders willing to step up and do what is right. To get us out of a lost war and concentrate on that which is truly important to the American people and do something for the American people instead of putting money in the pockets of the Bush oil empire.

Hark then goes on to attacking the Newsleader blog which I notice none of you local SWAC idiots post to anymore. Scared once again to address real issues in a format that you cant “moderate” and censor like SwacGirl does on her blog? It just shows why the majority of people now want a responsible and ethical government and why your party is now on the outside where it belongs!

RightsideVA said...

By buying "Credits" to offset their massive consumption does that mean they are not polluting anymore??!!! They are still consuming and producing CO2 at a much greater rate then the average person that they want to regulate. And where does that money go? Who is watching how that money is spent and invested? And how much of that money will end up going straight to Democrats during the next election?

You claim my "Selfishness" in this area means I am not able to comment on this topic. Like I said before why do I have CF bulbs all over the house and drive a smaller engine when I could do otherwise? You, like your party and The NewsLeader editorial board has decided that since I am an active Republican I am the EVIL person that you all claim. It's getting old and only shows the caliper of your argument.

Pelosi? Sure I am going to highlight what she and her "band of bozo's" are up to because local media refuses to tell it themselves. Better yet watch for what Kaine does with the transportation bill and how no matter what the NewsLeader editorial will blame everything on the Republican Delegates once again,..

Keep the debate going but watch the personal attacks on other posters to this blog. I am allowing you to speak your mind but watch that line in the sand...

dignan said...

Rightside you incompetent idiot. Cant you see that at least Edwards and Gore are doing something about the global warming that you ignore?

They are stepping up for the common man and fighting Bush and the Big oil companies that only worry about profit and contributions to the Republican party.
And as far as Governor Kaine he will be the one who has the balls to stand up to the Republican Delegates who once again are trying to prevent a true solution to the Transportation issue.

It amazes me how ignorant you people are to real issues.

bubba said...


Please explain to me how continuing to use massive amounts of carbon because you bought "credits" for it is OK and helps the situation, if a situation exists.

Using that logic I could go and addopt children from 3rd world nations to offset killing people here in the USA. Could drug dealers donate money to the ReHab shelters to offset their activities too?

Man that is a slippery slope indeed. I'm gonna go donate some money to the local AA group so I can drink an extra 12 pack this afternoon.

Maybe I'll rent a copy of gore's movie, man I love a good comedy!

bubba said...

Oh yeah......other than those big evil oil companies....who is developing alternate fuel sources?

If they didn't make a profit how would they fund their research?

Since the big oil companies own most all of the distribution networks for fuel in the USA who is going to be the ones to deliver any new fuels to the public?

Just some thoughts before I go and offset my AA donation by over consumtion of my hopps and water allowance.

Anonymous said...

Harkonnen also shows how your side continues to ignore the truth and probably has not even seen Al Gore’s documentary..."

I fell fast asleep during that movie, so you're right. Well, I saw the first 30 minutes, decided it was pure rubbish.

Hark then goes on to attacking the Newsleader blog which I notice none of you local SWAC idiots post to anymore. Scared once again to address real issues in a format that you cant “moderate” and censor like SwacGirl does on her blog?

That's because the Staunton Daily News Leader blog is loaded with liberals who are just dying to jump on anyone that opposes their views. Talking with people like you is virtually pointless.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Edwards fan, however I think Elizabeth is a lovely woman.
But not a one of you who criticize would turn your backs if you made this kind of money and were ablet to afford this kind of estate. Yes being a certain kind of attorney pays big....any we don't know what kind of ugly they had to partake in to get it...but we live in a country where you are allowed to make those choices...and only God can judge's all on their conscience if there is a problem with what they have done.