Friday, March 09, 2007

Again... How Can that Be???


It appears President Bush has once again beat Al Gore in yet another arena of issues. The Investors Business Daily ran an article showing how much more efficient and less polluting the President’s Crawford Ranch house is as compared to the “Gore Complex” in Tennessee.

As USA Today described it: "Wastewater from showers, sinks and toilets goes into purifying tanks underground — one tank for water from showers and bathroom sinks, which is called 'gray water,' and one tank for 'black water' from the kitchen and toilets." The purified water is funneled to the cistern with the rainwater"

Recently it has been reported that the Gore Complex uses 20 times the amount of energy as compared to us common folk and with that contributes that much more of those damaging “Greenhouse” gasses that the ex-Vice President has made a career out of fighting.

Now a big deal has been made about how Gore has been purchasing “Carbon Credits” to offset his 20x energy use but the fact is the former Vice President is still producing 20x the “Gasses” that he implores the rest of us to cut back on…

In addition, "the Bushes installed a geothermal heating and cooling system, which uses about 25% of the electricity that traditional heating and cooling systems use." As Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, noted: "It's interesting that Bush seems to actually practice conservation, while Gore seems to want to buy his way out of his obligations."

The fact is that the President and Mrs. Bush designed their Crawford Ranch “Eco-friendly” and built it many years before Al Gore found his calling in life…

Speaking of carbon offsets and shell games, guess where Gore buys his carbon offsets? Well, he buys them from a firm call Generation Investment Management LLP, a tax-exempt U.S. 501(c)3 corporation. The chairman and co-founder is Al Gore. In other words, he buys his carbon offsets from himself. Others who buy these offset are really buying stock in Gore's growing business. You, too, can green up his portfolio, if not Earth itself.

And you would think President Bush would get a great deal on petroleum products from his “Big-Oil” buddies that the liberals love to talk about. Why isn’t the President abusing his “Oil rich” status and using it wherever possible?

Better yet. Why didn’t Al Gore design and build his “Complex” with the same features the President used in his Crawford ranch???

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Dignan said...

Nothing but a front to cover up all of the oil money Bush gets from the BIG OIL buddies who put him in office. Bush does not care one bit about the environment as evident in what he has done in the past 6 years.