Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virginia Senate 28th District.. Jon Myers...


A Strong Republican and good friend from worked asked me if I would post this info about Jon Myers who is running for the Virginia Republican Senate seat in the 28th District. After talking the usual politics while at work my friend told me about Myers and his service as a Marine. I see the same excitement in my friends eyes & words as I am seeing here in the 24th District where we have a strong candidate in Scott Sayre...

What sets Jon apart is the fact that he is a leader who has devoted his life to serving his country. As a Marine Officer Jon proved that he has what it takes to lead from the front, no matter how difficult the situation. Whether participating in a mission to rescue a downed pilot (Scott O'Grady), or fighting in Iraq, Jon has proven his mettle.
Jon was hand-selected by the Commandant of the Marine Corps to serve on an elite team of Marines sent to the front lines to participate in and assess combat operations. The only reservist to serve on this team, Jon was embedded with multiple front-line combat units of the 1st Marine Division for the duration of the invasion and months afterwards. For his actions there, Jon was awarded the Bronze Star. Read more about Jon here

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