Sunday, May 13, 2007

Senator Webb will get us Drugs!!!...


“From on High” has a good post reporting on how Senator Webb vows to provide more affordable prescription drugs to the American people

As with many claims coming out of Washington and our political leaders there are the usual facts left out and questions unanswered.

“All Americans deserve access to quality, affordable health care and medications —period. This is a question of basic fairness. With 47 million uninsured Americans, it is high time that healthcare legislation focuses on consumers and not corporate profits.”

No argument here. But lets look at some of the facts and lets ask a few questions of the Senator.

It has been shown by media and also posted here on “Rightside” that the “47 million uninsured Americans” claim, which Webb and his buddies love to harp about, is not completely accurate. Included in this 47 million are people between jobs and covered on their spouses insurance plan and millions of younger Americans who consider themselves ‘invincible” and spend their money on cars, vacations, cd’s, and the likes instead of medical insurance.

Senator Webb intends to pass legislation that will allow the import of “cheaper” drugs from Canada and other countries.

“Americans currently pay, on average, twice as much as most other countries in the world -- at a time when the U.S. pharmaceutical companies are turning profits in the tens of billions. The United States can and must do better. I will continue the fight in Congress for more affordable prescription drugs for the hard-working people of this country.”

Question for Senator Webb:

Where did the drugs that these other countries now sell come from?

Where were they developed and tested to ensure that they are safe for all people to use?

Which country or corporation paid for the R&D to create these drugs and risk millions of dollars to get these drugs approved by the FDA?

If we apply the Democratic Party’s plan of wealth re-distribution and limit the profits of the evil drug corporations, who will develop the new drugs when it is no longer possible for corporations to invest millions on the chance of a new drug being approved?

As I look at the names of the drug companies I find the vast majority are American base and operated here. I do not find any that come out of Canada or these countries where Webb wants to get Cheaper drugs for his Americans.

How many of these countries have developed the life saving drugs that they now have and how did they get them?

Do they produce these same drugs or are they getting them from the American corporations at wholesale\reduced prices from our governments assistance or the assistance programs from the drug corporations?

If this is the case does Senator Webb advocate raising the wholesale prices to these countries and spread the cost of the drugs R&D to all countries that benefit from these drugs so as to lower the drug cost to the Senators American people?

It’s not always easy to back up those great claims and programs that the Senator makes to get the votes and favors from his American people…


Dr. Lee said...

If there was a pill to cure every illness and it costs $100,000 each will Webb make sure that the government pays for everybody?

bobby D. said...

Medical cures are great and we have many. The avg age has increased due to the medical advances made by the corporations that Webb fights against. What happens if Webb & Company cuts profits and makes it to where Corporations no longer risk the millions to bring new drugs to market?

Should we provide drugs to all those overweight McDonald eating, smoking, drinking, no exercise people sitting on the sofa eating Bon-bon's?

As long as they vote Democrat and for Webb's promises you will see the Dem's pushing for cheap\free drugs for all...

RightsideVA said...

Good points and the question is how much is enough?

Should the Federal government take control of the medical community, which sounds like Universal Healthcare, and provide all care and drugs to every person? Where would it stop and how much should the Federal government do?

Not to be coldhearted for we should help with lifesaving drugs and techniques but should our medical system provide Viagra to everyone as it does? Continue to promote\supply\push drugs for conditions that are preventable? If there was a drug to lose weight with no effort or exercise but costs much money should the Feds provide it? Yes it may prevent more expensive procedures down the line but at what cost?

How far does Jim Webb and the Democratic Party want to go with this? Talk numbers and cost\benefits...

Bubba said...

You know that you cannot ask Webb questions like these, He would have to break out another new box of crayons, and a fresh superman coloring book.

Why doesn't he just require all illegal immigrants to bring a case of mexican/canadian drugs in for admission to the USA?

RightsideVA said...

At first I was surprised to see Webb stand out on his own but it looks like now he has been reined in by the Princess & Reid. Probably has Webb working off 3x5 cards with her agenda and talking points. All thru the campaign he harped on the class warfare thing and never did explain how much is enough to tax the rich and what about the rich. Now he wants affordable healthcare but at what cost? Like the rest of the Demoncrats he fails to look down the road and describe how he will provide funding for these great ideas...

Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and many other programs are headed for bankruptcy and now Congress is talking about providing the same to 12 million illegal fence rats...