Wednesday, July 11, 2007

48 foot-long Pizza Delivery Truck...

I had the opportunity tonight to ride along with the "Tower 1" truck of the Harrisonburg Fire Department delivering Pizzas and checking Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors.

This was part of a community service program promoted and sponsored by the Harrisonburg Fire Department, CiCi's Pizza, and Lowe's Heroes, programs.

CiCi's customers ordering delivery pizzas had their pizza delivered by representatives of the Harrisonburg Fire Department alongwith a Lowe's associate who were riding along for this promotion.

The Firefighters then checked all of the detectors in the house to ensure they worked properly and if needed new batteries or detectors were provided at no charge to the homeowner. If the house did not have a detector one was provided and installation arrangements were provided if needed.

CiCi's provided the pizza free to the homeowner\customer and Lowe's provided the detectors and batteries free as their part of the Community service...

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Steve Harkonnen said...

Community events like this benefit all of those who are involved - citizens and sponsors alike. Nice work.