Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Healthcare for all, paid for by some…


Healthcare for all has been in the news for years and was a main part of the Democratic Party’s platform and promise during this past election. The national parties have been talking about it for years, Mikey Moore has another “Documentary” out about it, the Staunton NewsLeader editorial board has provided “some” information, and the local Augusta County coalition has been marching about it for years. But yet there seems to be numerous discrepancies in the numbers that they have been using or not reporting at all… Libertarian Larry Elder provided some numbers in his article:

“Nearly 50 million "Americans" lack health care insurance. At least, director Michael Moore makes this claim in "Sicko," his new "documentary" about America's supposedly awful health care system.”

But some more reliable sources provide numbers that appear to be more accurate and reliable.

“Nearly 50 million? For what it's worth, the Centers for Disease Control puts the number of uninsured at 43.6 million, and the Census Bureau at 44.8 million. “

And who makes up that number that Mikey trots out there, inflated like himself, and all?…

“Second, when Moore asserts that 50 million Americans lack coverage, he most assuredly includes some of the 11 million to 20 million illegal aliens. Of people born here, 86% are covered. For noncitizens, only 57% have insurance.
Now examine those who lack health care insurance.”

The Democratic Party has been blurting out 40-45 million Americans are uninsured for the last two major elections and I am sure it will be trotted out once again in the upcoming campaigns. Yet they do not describe who these “Americans” are, how long they remain un-insured, or if they choose not to be insured.

“Nearly half go without only for four months or less, usually while between jobs. Others with jobs could easily add insurance through their work for a small premium. Many without health care insurance are young people (18 million uninsured are 18 to 34) who consider themselves — given their youth and good health — unlikely to face large health care costs.”

And is it true when the Party and the Coalitions claim that people who are not insured are that way because they can’t afford insurance?

“Over 14 million of the uninsured, according to the Census Bureau, live in households earning $50,000 or more a year. Over 7 million are in households earning more than $75,000 a year. These people could afford coverage, either out-of-pocket or by making minor adjustments to their lifestyles. A small number of the uninsured include criminals. Should taxpayers provide health care for them, as well? “

How bad is the system that we now have? Is it as bad as the Democratic Party, the NewsLeader, and their “Coalitions” claim?

“But according to an ABC News-Kaiser Family Foundation-USA Today survey, 89% of Americans with health care insurance say they are, in fact, satisfied with the quality of care they receive.”

Mikey Moore and many of his friends claim that we would be much better off if we switched to a system like the ones in their favorite “Socialized” countries…

“Canada? A recent government study said only half of ER patients receive care in a timely fashion. Lindsay McCreith of Ontario was supposed to wait four months for an MRI, and then wait several months more to see a neurologist for his malignant brain tumor. Instead, McCreith — like many other ill Canadians — came to the U.S. for life-saving surgery.”

Moore advocates a more “Universal” single-payer healthcare system to correct the problems(?) of the healthcare system that now operates on a more private sector \ free enterprise system which provides the most technological and overall best healthcare system in the world.

Just another example of when the government takes control of our lives and determines what is “Best” for us…

“France? Nearly 13,000 people died in the summer of 2003. Why? The number suffering from the heat so overwhelmed the French health care system that hospitals stopped answering their phones, and ambulance attendants told people to take care of themselves. Most of the 13,000 died from simple dehydration.”


Steve Harkonnen said...

We have a liberal feminazi here at work, who continuously touts the wonders of the Canadian social health system, and how ours is defunct.

When I came onboard here seven years ago, she gave me that same briefing as part of orientation into the company.

"So, if Canada's health system is so great," I asked her, "why are there canadians on waiting lists for surgeries over at Henry Ford Hospital in downtown Detroit, and they are paying for these procedures out of their own pockets?"

She couldn't think of what to say next, except "ok, we can discuss this later, let's move on from here."

Bottom line: It shouldn't be the responsibility of the government to provide national health care, especially when we have a nation of people who refuse to take care of themselves while blaming McDonald's for them being so out of shape.

Newt said...

People know the truth here also. Sicko only has $15 million in boxoffice and people know trash when they see it...

The Tour Marm said...

I am one of the uninsured. It's difficult to get insurance and perscription coverage for a preexisting condition.

I have made all sorts of financial arrangements with doctors and hospitals and have received wonderful care.

My Canadian cousins all have US health policies. One of them needed an angioplasty and was put on a three month waiting list. He and his wife then drove down to Seattle and went into the emergency room, complaining of pain. He had the proceedure that evening!

I have seen how the government funds and runs our veterans' hospitals. If that is the way they would like to run a nationalized insurance program, I'll do everything in my power to stop it.