Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Solution to Virginia’s Transportation Woe’s : Al Gore Jr.


It has been reported that the 24 year old Al Gore III was stopped for driving almost 100 mph in a Hybrid Prius (only after over winding the rubber band) in California at which time the Police Officers found Pot & prescription drugs. Turns out the prescription drugs did NOT have prescriptions with them.

"The deputy smelled marijuana and searched the car, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino. The search turned up a small amount of marijuana, along with prescription drugs including Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall and Soma. There were no prescriptions found, he said."

Looks like this is nothing new for the son of the former Democratic Vice-President Al Gore jr.

"In 2003, he was charged with marijuana possession in Maryland after police stopped the car he was driving for not having its headlights on. In February 2004, he entered a substance abuse program as part of a plea agreement.
Gore was charged with reckless driving in North Carolina in 2000 for allegedly driving almost 150km/h, and in September 2002, military police arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving near a military base in Virginia."

This guy is the perfect solution to the Transportation issue here in Virginia. With the new “Astronomical”, as the Staunton NewsLeader likes to call them, fees now in place here in Virginia for abusive and habitual offenders, WE HAVE OUR ANSWER!!!

All we have to do is get this guy to drive like the apparent “Spoiled Druggie Brat” that he is in the state of Virginia and we will have the transportation “crisis” beat!!!. Al Gore Jr. would probably end up paying the fees with donations he got from Buddhist Monks but that’s another blogpost…

But the truth is we would rather not have Gore "the Third", or anybody else like him, on our roads here in Virginia and that is why we have new fees to help deter drivers like this and hold them accountable. The new “Astronomical” fees as the NewsLeader likes to call them were put in place to hold this type of driver accountable for their dangerous actions on the Virginia roads. The NewsLeader has attempted to portray these fees as the penalty for minor infractions such as “rolling through a stop sign” when in fact they are meant to deter and hold much more aggressive, dangerous, and habitual offenders accountable for their actions.

“Speedy Gore” has been busted twice for speeding at about 100mph, caught with Pot use another two times, and driving drunk. This is the type of driver responsible for many deadly motor vehicle accidents on our highways and the reason why the recently instated fees are needed to make our roads safer.

"He was ticketed for reckless driving by North Carolina police in August 2000 when he was clocked going 94 mph. Military police arrested him for drunk driving near a military base in Virginia in September 2002."

So somebody please ask the editorial staff of the NewsLeader if these “Astronomical” fees would be “Unfair” if Speedy Gore III. was stopped on a Virginia roadway…


Newt said...

Prius can actually get up to 100mph !!! Good thing those things dont pollute or he would be in big trouble with Daddy.

Dont count on the Newsleder saying anything bad except that since Jr is out of stater he would pay nothing. They will then ignore this punks history of Drugs, speeding, and drunk driving and focus on globalwarming instead!

Vivian J. Paige said...

Actually, the person getting the ticket was Al Gore III. The candidate in 2000 was Al Gore Jr.

RightsideVA said...


Thank You.

I forgot there were three Al Gores...

I will make change to post.

Thank You,

Draft Guy said...

Was he going that fast towards or AWAY from his daddy's Earth Day concerts?

Steve Harkonnen said...

This is what happens when Hippies bear children.