Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Anti-War or Anti-Republican War"?...

Are "They" really anti-war or are they actually just against the war if a positive outcome in the war on terrorism benefits the Republicans? "They" have changed their game plan and forms of attacks numerous times over the years when they did not get the traction that they hoped for.

Several of the 2008 Presidential Candidates have talked about how they will withdrawl troops as soon as they are in office and "Re-deploy" them in strategic areas. But they do not talk about what they will do if the violence increases or if the predicted genocide happens once they remove the troops? Will they send troops back in if there are 1,000 genocide murders? 10,000 genocide murders? 100,000 murders? 1,000,000 murders? What will they do if their withdrawl results in ethnic cleansing?

Or maybe "Their" anti-war cry's are actually just attacks against the Republican Party and their control of the Executive branch, a long run of majority in Congress, and a strong base?

S.A. Miller had a good article over at the Washington Times about how much of "their" anti-war efforts have been concentrated on those Republicans who have supported the War on terrorism, the war in Iraq, and President Bush. But yet "they" have not protested the Democrats who have not supported withdrawl of the troops from Iraq. Maybe it's not an anti-war agenda after all...

"Republicans targeted by a blitz of ads and protests by Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI) say the effort is blatantly partisan because Democrats opposed to a withdrawal are not in the liberal protesters' line of fire."

"The Republicans' resolve confounds the 10-week Iraq Summer campaign, a $12 million onslaught of TV, radio and billboard ads; picket-line protests; and petition drives paid for by AAEI, a coalition of liberal groups including and Americans United for Change."

"It is obviously a partisan political organization," said Rep. Mike Rogers, Michigan Republican. "It kind of fizzled."

Spokesmen for Rep. Pryce said:
"Two paid liberal activists bused in from Vegas and Minnesota trying to make political hay in Ohio is nothing new," he said. "Ohio is a battleground state. We've withstood the vitriol and lies from and its brethren. ... Ohio voters see through this kind of stuff."

"Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican and Iraq Summer target, Thursday called on President Bush to bring some troops home by Christmas. He also said he would not support troop-withdrawal legislation because it is the president's job as commander in chief to conduct the war."

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