Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who should pay for this?


This guy look familiar?

It appears companies are starting to look at those who continue poor health habits and hold them responsible for their actions by requiring them to pay more into their health care programs. The Washington Times had a good article about how companies are starting to address the problem of obese workers who need help in correcting their poor health habits. This includes smokers and other preventable disease. One company will start charging those who smoke an additional $5 per paycheck and as much as $30 for obese workers...

"Firms dock pay of obese, smokers"


Has anybody noticed that those making the most noise downtown about "Healthcare for All" are those who favor the HR bill that looks to increase the payroll tax for healthcare from 1.5% to 4.5% for both the employee and the employer...

The interesting thing is that many of these "Vocal" people downtown are not payroll taxpayers and the cost of this large aspect of their "Healthcare for All" program would not apply to them.

Along with the large increase in payroll tax HR 676 would tax the top 1% "Rich" an additional 10% to make if "Fair" as they see it. How about instead of increasing taxes on the workers of America we go after the wealth of America and not just the income payer or the top 1% ?

Many of those who call for increased healthcare for all with no deductibles have accumulated a good amount of wealth themselves but since they are retired and no longer pay into payroll or incoome taxes this HR bill would cost them nothing or little.

A very vocal downtowner who is retired and no longer pays payroll taxes is also married to a Doctor and has acquired considerable wealth but yet calls for increased healthcare without a cost increase to themselves. Instead they would rather have the American worker foot that bill in increased payroll taxes or that "Evil Rich Guy"...

Increased payroll taxes would hurt the guy in the photo little and would probably not even touch "The Family Wealth" up in "olde Mass"

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Newt said...

Love to see it but after seeing the uproar with the driver abuser-fee issue and holding people accountable for their actions I doubt this will ever be acceppted.