Thursday, September 13, 2007

Missing Kayaker off Jersey coast...


The Dive team responded to a request from the Mannasquan Coast Guard station to assist in the search for a missing person last seen on a kayak off of Point Pleasant beach.

Dive Team Captain Chet Nesley provide the following information for this post:
"The dive team was called out by the coast guard station manasquan inlet today. To help look for a missing kayaker. The kayaker left the beach in point and was never seen again.
We had a good place to start cause you could still see the drag marks in the sand were he put the kayak in the water. It was off new york ave in the beach.
We did a surf line swim for 500yards up current from that point, we had 25 feet of vis. so it was easy going for the divers. We moved the search to the inlet and did a complete search above and below. But came up with nothing.
Will let you know if anything comes up".

The Asbury Park Press provided the following information on their website and entire story can be found at:

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Coast Guard officials continue to search for a missing kayaker, who has been identified as a prominent developer from Fort Myers, Fla., who recently has been plagued by lawsuits.
On Wednesday, the Coast Guard received the missing report about D'Alessandro at 1:30 p.m. and a helicopter was on the scene three minutes later, according to Petty Officer Nyx Cangemi.Soon after, the crew discovered an overturned orange kayak about nine miles off shore, he said, adding that authorities have not confirmed that the kayak belonged to the missing boater.
I will be up there this weekend for a scheduled Rescue\Search training session and looks like it will be modified for this incident...

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