Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congress approval rating at 11%...


Once again it was reported in the media today that the approval rating for the Congress, which is now controlled by the majority Democratic party. is at an ALL TIME LOW of 11%…

One productive thing, and there have only been a few, that has come out of Congress is the H.R. resolution #697 which commends Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre for setting the record of most career touchdown passes.

Now some people may feel that Congress needs to be doing more “Important work for the People” as they love to say. But with the wing-nut majority leaders that we have in both houses of Congress “Football Resolutions” might be the safest for all…

Let them concentrate on congressional resolutions for “Cheese-Heads” instead of screwing something really important like the S-CHIP program. The Democrats tried pushing a wasteful and very expensive S-chip program that the President stood up to and signed a veto to it…

The Democratic Party has worked hard to spin it that the President does not care about children and even produced a 12 year old boy that has been injured and delivered their “Democratic Message” asking why the President wanted to keep kids from getting help from S-CHIP…

As usual the truth and facts of the program has come out and Princess Pelosi continues to lose support for her override attempt. In fact the Investor Business Daily provides some interesting facts on the boys family and their choices when in fact they have a strong financial status and could afford insurance…
“ have checked out the Frost family's bona fides. Turns out they live in a home worth an estimated $300,000. Graeme's father, Halsey, owns commercial real estate and has his own small business.”
Graeme and sibling Gemma both attend expensive private schools. The Frosts have two other school-age children. Their parents chose not to buy private insurance even though they have significant assets, a decent income and, as insurance bloggers found out, there are plans for a family of six for as little as $452 a month.”

Now if the “Majority Team” got their wishes who could end up paying for the Improved S-CHIP program?

“Under the Democrats' proposed expansion, says the National Center for Public Policy Research, "it is not inconceivable that a parent with one child with an income of $13,690 will be funding benefits for two children in a family of four with an income of $82,600."


JT said...

The problem is that the kids family could have and should have paid for their medical insurance but who knows what they spent that money on instead. And why spend cash on responsible things when we can vote for Hillary who says she will provide that necessary stuff anyway.

imsmall said...


The Government has come up with a program
To aid the poor, because it seems a logjam
Arose amongst those seeking services
(The State´s wisdom is like Minerva´s is).

At a discretionary rate--don´t ask it--
Funds will be loaned, to carry them so well
In first-class transportation, a handbasket
Each of one´s very own, to go to hell.

(Meanwhile the taxes on the rich are cut--
Slashed so extensively that Jack the Ripper
Would feel an envy. Poor folks are a glut,
But wealthy citizens feel bright and chipper.)