Saturday, October 13, 2007

"GOD" allowed back into the Capitol...


Last week I did a post about how the people working in our Capitol found it inappropriate to allow the word "GOD" be included in the certificate of a flag flown over the Capitol building. Fortunately some of our Representatives stood up and corrected this and the word "GOD" is once again included when requested. A Republican Representative took action to correct this and I am still searching for a statement from any of our Democratic Party Presidential Candidates...

I have found statements on how we MUST seperate Church and State and this is why "GOD" should not be included in the certificates. Todays Investor Business Daily has an article that shows how we, as Americans, have bent over backwards to include other religions into our society:

Ignorance and blind tolerance only make it easier for the Islamists to make inroads. Inch by inch, sharia is creeping into our society. We see it:

• At airports, where authorities have agreed to Muslim taxi drivers' demands to build footbaths in public restrooms for Islamic washing and praying.

• On college campuses, where trustees have agreed to demands by the Saudi-tied Muslim Student Association to add Islamic holidays, prayer rooms and footbaths.

• In Congress, where officials have set aside a room for a growing number of Muslims to meet and pray inside the otherwise high-security Capitol building.

• At Quantico, where Marine brass have agreed to build an Islamic center at the request of a former Gitmo imam who previously insisted on Islamic meals, Qurans, prayer beads, oils and other amenities for the terrorists held there.

• At West Point, where Army officials have followed Quantico's lead and set up their own mosque for Muslim cadets.

• In Brooklyn, where school officials agreed to provide local Muslims and Arabs with their own publicly funded madrassa.

• In Detroit, where city planners have caved to demands to let mosques broadcast the call to prayer in Arabic five times a day, including the early-morning hours, noise ordinances be damned.

If there was a request for a flag to be flown over the Capitol building and the word "ALLAH" was requested to be included in the certificate what would the reaction have been?

What, if any, would be the statements made by the Presidential Candidates mentioned?

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