Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hillary's "Strategic" Energy Plan\Solution...


Potential Democratic Party presidential nominee and possible(?) 44th President of the United States Hillary Clinton called on actual President Bush to release oil from the strategic reserve to “ease concerns about low crude stocks”.

"I urge the President to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve to send a signal to the market and ease concerns about low crude oil stocks that are driving prices higher,"

Unfortunately it appears the possible(?) next President does not understand that the reason for the strategic reserve is to provide valuable crude during major supply disruptions and would rather use it to get valuable votes for a primary election. Like her Hubby and prior co-president “Slick Willie”, Hillary would use our strategic reserves to appear she is providing relief to Americans who are paying high fuel prices when in fact she is ignoring the real problem.

“Former President Bill Clinton ordered the release of up to 30 million barrels from the crude oil reserve in September 2000 to boost available heating fuel supplies heading into the winter.”

And this was just in time before the Gore 2000 Presidential election…

Like “Slick-Willie”, Hillary is ignoring the real problem of a shrinking supply of world crude by calling for a “feel-good” tactic which will do little but attract favorable votes from a simple bloc of voters who are not able to comprehend simple economics and national security. What would the potential(?) 44th President do in a major disruption of world crude when she turned to our strategic reserve and found a low inventory due to her “political” tactics?

Bill Clinton prevented exploration and increased national independence from foreign suppliers of crude when he was the President during his term.

“In 1995, co-President William Jefferson Clinton vetoed a budget bill containing language that would have opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil exploration“.

If President Clinton and the Democratic Party members of Congress understood world supply\demand issues and looked towards the future back during Willie’s term in office it would be a different situation now.

“If President Clinton in 1995 hadn't blocked drilling in a few thousand acres of frozen tundra in an area the size of South Carolina, ANWR would today be delivering more than a million barrels of American oil daily“.

Imagine if the 42nd President of the United States had the vision and understanding to provide the needed actions to ensure greater national security and less dependence on foreign sources of crude? The argument then and now is the potential damage to a “Pristine” environment with little returns in supply of American crude\energy. Both of these reasons have been proved false over time and leaves us in the situation we now have. One argument was that ANWR would have provided only a six month supply of crude. Remember what they said about the other drilling project in Alaska?

“But Prudhoe recently observed its 30th anniversary, during which it has delivered its 15 billionth barrel of oil. At its peak, it produced 2 million barrels a day as the migrating caribou herds increased in size“.

The “Clintons” and their Democratic party continue to claim that potential damage to environments are not acceptable and that drilling for known oil reserves off our shores should be prevented. But yet they believe it is alright for countries such as Cuba & China to drill for oil 50 miles off the shores of the Florida Keys.

“Cuba recently granted China's state-owned oil company permission to explore for oil within 50 miles of the Florida coast on Cuba's side of the Florida Strait. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the North Cuban Basin, accessible from U.S. waters, may contain 4.6 billion barrels of oil“.

The Clinton’s and the Democratic Party seems more interested in the energy security of two countries with documented poor environment practices then the energy security of the United States. They claim that we must expand into alternative energy sources as a solution and favor the practice of ethanol production. Yet when other countries who have a developed program of alternative fuel sources and look towards utilizing known reserves of crude the Clintons and their party remain silent.

“Yes, Brazil has a robust ethanol program, as advocates of that alternative energy regularly point out. But the country still explores for oil. And last Thursday, it announced a major discovery in waters off Rio de Janeiro. The Tupi field is estimated to contain as many as 8 billion barrels of recoverable light crude“.

What would the possible(?) 44th President and her Democratic party do when she looked at her depleted strategic oil reserve after a major supply disruption? Who will they blame when the oil starts washing up on the reefs and beaches of the Florida Keys after Cuba & China continue with their poor environmental practices?

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jt said...

Hillary is just calling for more oil so it appears she cares about the "people" but she knows it would mean little.

Anything for votes.
She scares me.