Sunday, March 23, 2008

Candidacy for Chairman of Augusta County Republican Committee...


During this past weekend I announced my candidacy and intention to run for the Chairman position of the Augusta County Republican Committee which I am presently the District Chairman of the South River district.

During my time as district chairman of South River I had the opportunity to work on numerous Republican campaigns and other campaign projects such as local parades and setup\operation of the Republican booth at the Augusta County Fair. This provided the opportunity to meet and talk with the many local Republican residents of Augusta County.

It was also during this time that I became involved with the inner workings of the Augusta County Republican Committee and worked on numerous projects with Vice-Chair Lynn Mitchell. This in effect provided me with communication and insight to ongoing projects and tactics used by this committee.

During my tenure in this area I have seen and participated in several successful projects to promote and support conservative republican principles and candidates within the 6th district. Unfortunately in the last year or so I have seen the present leadership of the local party turn towards divisive actions and tactics especially since the Sayre\Hanger republican primary. I had conversations with both Senator Hanger and Scott Sayre during their campaigns and told them both that I believe primaries within the party are beneficial for they promote the discussion of issues and ideas. This results in better informed and engaged voters selecting the better candidate for a stronger party.

Unfortunately during this same republican primary I saw several people within the local party elect and resort to negative campaign techniques and tactics to attack the opposing candidate. It was and still is no secret that I supported Scott Sayre in the primary and feel he is a strong conservative and asset to the republican party. Initially I was a member of the “Bloggers for Sayre” site and presented several blog posts supporting Sayre in his efforts. I also ceased contributing to this blog once numerous members started to use “negative campaigning” tactics towards the other republican candidate, Senator Hanger, and I feel these tactics are not beneficial to the party.

Since the republican primary in June 2007, there has been a clear divide within the local republican party and once again it is being played out in the local media to the delight of many from the other side of the political fence in the area. This division is not healthy for the party with a major presidential election coming in November, and needs to be resolved.


Spank That Donkey said...

You've done a great job working with the rest of us in the grass roots in the 24th.

I do take exception to your comments about negative campaigning against Senator Hanger. I think you should present examples of this negative campaigning.

You may want to keep in mind that the Hanger campaign used two anonymous websites Bloggers 4 Hanger and Teddy's Truth as platforms, and Myron Rhodes aka Republitarian to attack not only family members of Scott Sayre, but his employees weren't even off-limits.

Myron admitted a phone call from Senator Hanger got the plug pulled on the profane Bloggers 4 Hanger, then Myron turned his, let us say 'talents' to attack Sayre's family.

During this time Myron claimed to be neutral and outside of the district. Later he endorsed Sen. Hanger on his blog.

Bloggers 4 Sayre on the other hand parodied Sen. Hangers actual positions, votes, and legislation.

Hardly a comparison exists except in the minds of those who believe that political cartoons/images aren't in the normal political arena. That is until their candidate finds himself embarrassed by having to explain his voting record.

Again, try as you might, when did the Sayre campaign get down into the mud attacking the Hanger family and/or his employees?

It never happened.

I will be supporting Dr. Kurt Michael for chair, because he boldly took a stand, (he was among 6 or 7 24th District chairs backing Sayre, with the other neutral), and opposed Senator Hanger.

Now Senator Hanger is out after revenge. He claims to wants to have all Republican views respected and heard. Well, as long as those views aren't conflicting with his.

His intent along with his wife, the Chair of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, David Beyeler, Vickie Parkinson, his campaign manager ($9,500 buys a lot of loyalty), Dr Roller, who is a good Conservative and long time friend of Senator Hangers, and your self really only have one purpose.

Defeat a Conservative who dared to oppose a three term sitting Senator, who voted for tax increases in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. He has been a reliable vote for the Democrats. His legislation to create a loophole to give illegal aliens instate tuition, along with consistenly voting against a 'transportation lock box' etc.

That is why Democrats came out in droves to keep a Republican who would not vote for those tax increases, etc to replace him.

No one is being fooled as to what is going on here, and who are the Republicans that are actually carrying on an ugly tone?

Can it get any more ugly than throwing Alex Davis, the official Secretary of the Staunton Repub. Committee out of a public meeting this Saturday? Please tell me, how civil was that? He asked only to eat breakfast and hear Senator Hanger report on the General Assembly and offered to leave, so the 'Mountain Valley Republicans', or rather the Pro-Hanger Pubs could do what ever it is they were going to do.

Vickie Parkinson, David Beyeler, and ulitmately Senator Hanger had him removed by the Bell Grae owner.

Tell me, has that ever happened in a SWAC Breakfast's that have been hosted by Dr. Kurt Michael?

I look forward to your response.
Chris Green,
Secretary ACRC

Anonymous said...

Good luck


Anonymous said...

I would vote for you!!

Anonymous said...

Appears you are one of the sincere ones willing to stand with and actually support Hanger. Unlike some of the others that take every opportunity to tear him down and attempt to humilate him. You go Man! Good Luck

RightsideVA said...

Thanks for the Vote but Anon #2 you will find in the text that I have not and still do not agree with Senator Hanger 100%. I will stand in the same room and we will shake hands but at the sametime while I have a good firm grasp on his hand I tell him that I do not agree with his decision to support a 2 cent to 5 cent tax increase on each gallon of fuel. He will and has presented a ggod argument that we have roads to build, maintain, improve, and many other worthwhile projects to be done. I will and have brought up the 1 cent sales tax that Democratic Governor Mark Warner pushed thru and where did that $700 million go? Same place a 2-5 cent fuel tax will go?

I may stand next to my Republican State Senator but we understand we do not agree on everything but we can converse on issues important to both him, me, and our state. Unfortunately this unique opportunity is not now, and may not be possible in the future, between the Senator and some in the party...

There was a original comment that appeared just after this post went up but I kept it off the board until things calmed down a bit to where issues brought up by the person commenting can be addressed in the proper manner and benefit to all readers. It will appear soon as I get sometime off work and respond to it properly...

Anonymous said...

Why has it become so ughly within this party? I have been a longtime resident who no longer wants to be identified with this group because of the Slimmy tactics used.

Wait and hope there is something left of the party after the total breakdown they are headed for.

RightsideVA said...


Thanks for the post and issues\topics but I thought it best to hold off from posting it while the vicious attacks continued in the comment section of your blog by anonymous or “bogus” names, regarding your posting of the candidates names.

I believe and also confident that you would\could defend yourself if these same, familiar, writers turned their personal attacks toward your comments in the above post, but I do not feel the airing of “dirty laundry” or mudslinging within the party benefits anybody seriously interested in the party. Because of the content of many of the attack comments I am sure we both know where they originated and again I ask you is that the way we want the party to go?

Regarding your comments posted in this post I agree that it is unfortunate that the two blogs “Bloggers 4 Hanger” and “Teddy’s Truth” took the routes they did and the tactics used by these people including Myron. But I believe it was somewhat due to the environment of the blogs and issues\statements\facts\innuendo\attacks\jabs\doctored photos\B.S. that appeared in many of the blogs supporting both Sayre or Hanger…

Myron is Myron…
Attacking the Sayre family was not acceptable and has become a very ugly part and tactic used by some within the parties. Expected from many of the blogs\outlets that I see from the “Leftside” but lets look at some of the tactics used by the people who commented to your original post on Spank? Some of that info was known to local people we both know. Is that the way we want the party to go?

As far as Senator Hanger’s voting record or stance on issues you know where I stand on many for we have talked about it several times. I do not agree with Hanger 100% and he knows that. But does that mean I am 100% against Hanger? No… As I asked you before, can we apply this same question somewhere else and is it “Yes” or “No”? Again I ask. What way do we want the party to head into the 2008 Presidential and 2009 Atty General. Lt. Governor, and Governor race?

You know my stances on taxes and as we spoke of, what I did say to Senator Hanger about voting for the fuel tax increase. DEMOCRATIC Governor Mark Warner pushed thru a 1 cent sales tax resulting in $700 million and what happened to that money!!!??? How can we double the Va State budget in 10 years and still not have enough of OUR tax money to pay the bills?!?!…

You know I supported Sayre in the primary and I believe he would have overcome that 800 votes if the Demoncrats did not cross over and vote. David Cox’s website bragged about them turning out and cross voting but who, or in what part, was the environment created to promote\encourage, or allow this tactic?

We have talked about the Alex Davis issue and I believe it not better to air the laundry about an unnecessary and unfortunate incident by all involved.

Like my campaign for Chairman, I hope for the comment section of this blog to be used to discuss\promote\debate\develop\ and implement ideas to move the local Republican party forward in the future….

Anonymous said...

If we could, the team would be voting for you! You got all our support
chief diver

RightsideVA said...


Thanks for the support but "Importing" people from outside the district or party to vote in a election like that is something the other party would do!!! But I would have free Coffee for all who showed up in support...

Check out the above post on the new buoys and how they work. Imagine if we could get the temp info online that would show the temps at different depths. In fact it would be great to have a sensor on a tether at a wreck which would ascend\descend and transmit water temp at different depths...

Something to work on...