Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dobie Mountain ~Plane Wreckage~

Took a quick hike yesterday up near Humpback Rocks, at milemarker #5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and did the Albright Loop Trail to get away from the crowd going up to the "Rocks".
The trail has been there for sometime but only recently marked and advertised with well positioned signs. On the Northside of Dobie Mountain is some plane wreckage that is visible from the trail if looking back uphill from the trail. I found this wreckage the first time while hiking out with a Park Ranger after assisting with a mountain rescue where a hiker was disabled and had to be carried out to the Humpback parking area. After working with the Ranger afterwards it was determined that this wreck was from around the 1980's and is in an area that is now getting increased hiking traffic...

Pretty much just two sections of wreckage that has been picked over and remaining sections not worth pulling out for salvage...

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