Friday, June 13, 2008

No Purple Finger here...


The Staunton NewsLeader reports that the local Republican Party of Augusta County will be electing a new Chairman now that the old one has stepped down after a error filled campaign, mass meeting, and spectacle in the local media…

It is reported now that the new committee will have the task of selecting a new chairman and only those on the new committee list will be eligible to vote. This new committee is made up of those who stayed after the original 3 hour mass meeting for a second “mass meeting” that was not properly announced to all eligible voters of Augusta County. It also seems that the “Official” list has grown since that second mass meeting.

“Though Green said he walked away from the meeting with a list of 61 names, he said that this membership was later increased to 75 after County Republican insider Lynn Mitchell presented a larger list and members added names during a May meeting. The bylaws of the county party only allow for 65 members, he said.”

Before stepping down for the “good of the party” the prior chairman, Kurt Michael made sure to elect a new executive committee made up of only those he chose to notify of the meeting while excluding many long term committee members. Numerous committee members who had been active in the party for years and holding active committee positions were excluded by choice during the election of the new executive committee…

Chris Graham over at Augusta Free Press also has a related article on this topic:

"I’m not going to argue the reasoning that was presented by a local party member as to how this could be valid, because I’m sure it is valid, at least according to the local committee’s bylaws. The problem I would have if I was a Republican would be that I would think that I was disenfranchising a wide swath of my party base in so doing, and possibly alienating an even wider swath of the party faithful as we’re heading into an election season featuring competitive races for president, the U.S. Senate and Congress."


Spank That Donkey said...

I was misquoted.. imagine that, by the SNL reporter. The strength of the committee should be 69, as I interpret the bylaws.

Maybe that is quibbling, but I made that clear at our last meeting at Goodlattes HQ.

Regardless, any members who feel they are not going to attend the regular meetings should voluntarily step aside, and let not only Dr Roller, and his supporters, who have previously always been regular members of the committee back on board as voting members.

Not only is this fair, but we are all Republicans united to elect our Presidential, and US Congress members in 2008.

By the way, didn't I invite some of Roller's supporters, personally to the meeting at Goodlatte's HQ?

We need to bury this hatchet and move on... but not .org... (that would be a joke)... what not is a joke is Dr. Roller and his supporters are also Republicans, and the whole committee needs to acknowledge this, and that we all need to hang together, as we work this situation out.

RightsideVA said...

The NewsLeader?!

It will be interesting to see the attendance record of those on the committee and it would be nice if people became that involved and showed up at each meeting. The problem is HOW the selection was made and will be made for the next chairman.

You are correct in it will be an interesting November for both sides of the spectrum.

You did invite numerous Roller's supporters to the meeting at Goodlattes HQ and that is appreciated but the problem is how\why the process was manipulated by those chosen by the 6th district. Should'nt it have been the choice of the people instead?

Both sides of the local GOP need to take posession of what they have done and allow the people who have and continue to work for the party the proper process to get the job done.

I fear many who showed up to the 3 hour+ mass meeting only to have their vote ignored by the 6th district and RPV may get fed up with the whole thing and miss November...

Anonymous said...

I am confident that all of the members to the committee are committed to returning this party to the strong and influential party that it has always been before the “High-jacking” that was attempted at the mass meeting. The rebels who attempted to steal away the chairmanship need to understand that they lost fair and square and need to get over it. The grown-ups are once again in control.
It has always been said that the “Victor” is the one who makes offers, the “Loser” is just that. A Loser!
And Rightsideva you continue to say “selected” when Kurt Michael was actually elected and confirmed by the controlling authority of the 6th district committee. The 6th district committee is made up of true Republicans who are grassroots activist who saw the hostile takeover attempt by you and the electeds for what it was and stepped in to prevent it.
The Democrats are licking their lips as they watch Hanger’s attempts to purge the local party fail and the grassroots prevail in preventing his takeover of the party.

RightsideVA said...

Anonymous 5:26,

“High jacking” is such a harsh word to describe local citizens that came out, in majority, to vote for a new chairman to get the local party on the correct track. And to say they tried to “Steal” the election is ironic considering the decision that both the sixth district and Republican Party Virginia ended up making.

The saying of “The “Victor” is the one who makes offers, the “Loser” is just that.” is interesting for I have heard that recently.

It was apparent that Dr. Roller turned out more voters to the mass meeting and that when there was a choice between two candidates the voters chose Dr. Roller over Kurt Michael. They made that choice before there was any question of how or even before the original mass meeting came to a close. Obvious choice of the voters was for Dr. Roller and to change or ignore that is what exactly the sixth district committee and RPV did.

And now the “New” committee calls for everybody to unite together as one big happy group, but yet the same people making up this new committee under the direction and tactics of Michael ignore those not voting their way in the process?

“Unity” or follow in line the way we decide?

Anonymous said...

High-jacking is exactly what is was and if you plan on hijacking the airplane you need to at least know how to fly it! Thanks to the committee of the 6th district and the RPV that they understand the importance of the Grassroots community and what we do to get Republicans elected to office. Without the grassroots these people would not be able to stay in office and Hanger will understand this again very soon. That is why I dedicate so much time to the grassroots organization that Kurt Michael helped to build over the years from a small committee with no functions to a strong committee with many attending monthly breakfast meetings. Just a short time ago a breakfast hosted by Kurt Michael brought out more then 30 local republicans to hear legislative updates by our Delegates and newly elected city council members.

We took it from a handful of people to one of the strongest units in the state!
But even those who get elected by the hard work of the grassroots seem to forget who got them there. One who was just elected even signed on with Hanger and his supporters in their attempt to steal this election and he too will learn the power of the grassroots. Deals have been made and favors granted behind the scenes and that happened last year with the transportation package, and that sealed the fate of the grassroots with the elected who were making these deals at our expense.
Kurt Michael has done the honorable thing of stepping down to bring unity to the local party and Hanger with his supporters need to understand that and work for the common good of the party. We will soon have new chairman who will lead the party back towards getting republicans elected to office and making Virginia the strong state it once was. It is people like you that will not accept the facts and unite to make the republican party strong for the upcoming November election. And the grassroots will remember that!

RightsideVA said...

Anonymous 11:37,

Get your head OUT OF THE SAND and open your eyes and don't just buy what they are telling you to say.

Step up and at least get a screen name and quit hiding behind "Anonymous". If you believe it, say it with your real name.