Thursday, June 19, 2008

There is Something "Brewing".

There is something brewing in Augusta County...
Stand by...


Boyle said...

Initial Pressure = Final Volume
________________ ____________
Final Pressure = Initial Volume

Remember what is?

RightsideVA said...

Boyle's Law of constant pressure!!!

"If temperature is kept constant, the volume of a given mass of gas is inversely proportional to the pressure which is exerted upon it"

Gotta be a certified diver to know that one. Good guess but this photo is actually a political refrence to local tensions going on around here. With the correct temp applied it then changes "Charle's Law" of mixed gas, if you are a true diver you will understand that one also!.

Dive team?

boyle said...

"Charle's Law" as described

Temp is the key to this one.
Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

So what is it about the local politics?!

What is going on over there and don't make me pull the campaign bus over...
Is swac boliling over or going up in flames??!!

RightsideVA said...

Continue fallout from the mass meeting with both extremes of the party playing their cards while VA turns blue.

RPV fiddles while the valley burns.

Pull the campaign bus over and email\call the cell...


John said...


I love the photo and the Pumpkin campaign continues!

We had the same situation in the 11th up here and it took a good year and half to two to get the voter’s back to the polls when we needed them most. We were fortunate enough to have both delegates step in and with the help of MCRC we are now stronger then ever. It just took time to diffuse everything he did to the party and with the right people we were soon back on track. Keep Virginia from turning blue this November for we are going to need that help to keep the executive branch!

Your email address did not work and kicked back every time I tried it. Also the photos from Jenkinson’s aquarium turned out great. This week the water was 64 degrees at the Inlet but the water vis was almost 20 feet! Next time you are here try the wrecks here in Monmouth county and the Rusland wreck off of Asbury is half out of the sand.

Good Luck!

RightsideVA said...


I have beern on the Rusland wreck and in fact it's part of the "Dual Wrecks" of Rusland & Adonis. Tough dive for there is no direct beach access but well worth the walk. Last time I was up there the wreck was covered by sand from the Corp of engineers project beach replenishment. Talked to the team earlier and they said the vis was pretty good today in the Manasquan Inlet but few fish.

Things need to shake out a bit here in regards to the local politics and I hope we recover as well as you did there also. In regards to that go ahead and contact me via the email link you will find under "My Profile" at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck turning NJ RED in November!!!