Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Roanoke Valley Republicans Headquarters opening...


The Roanoke Valley Republican committee opened up their Campaign Headquarters yesterday which will focus on the upcoming elections in November.

This headquarters and the members of the Roanoke Valley Republicans will support the campaigns of Congressman Bob Goodlatte (6th district), U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gilmore (VA), and presidential candidate Senator John McCain…

Opening ceremonies was attended by Congressman Goodlatte, Virginia House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, and Virginia Delegate Chris Saxman, co-chairman of McCain's Virginia campaign.

Congressman Goodlatte commented on the McCain campaign regarding the Virginia efforts: Goodlatte said McCain has several advantages that will endear him to state voters...."He has an appeal to voters in Northern Virginia that I think he'll do better than some Republican candidates have done up there," Goodlatte said. "His military record will have a strong appeal in the Tidewater area, and it's important we get our Republican base in the western and southern parts of the state energized and turning out as well."

The Roanoke Times website reports: The Republican headquarters is located near the southern end of Frontage Road at U.S. 220 near Tanglewood Mall.

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Anonymous said...

Um...i was wondering how do i contact the Va Republican Headquaters? I want to get some stickers and signs and stuff but i dont know how to get them.