Thursday, September 11, 2008

Congressman Bob Goodlatte 09\11\2001...


A few years back Delegate Ben Cline told me about when he was in Washington with the Congressman on 9/11 and how the Congressman refused to leave his congressional office on that day...

Republican Delegate Ben Cline described how he was with Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte (V.A.) in his office in Washington D.C. on September 11th. Cline was working as the Chief of Staff for the Congressman and they first heard of the attacks in New York City and then could see the smoke from the Pentagon attack from the window of the Congressman’s office. Congressman Goodlatte immediately sent his entire staff home and away from the Congressional office. After the staff had left the office Cline asked the Congressman if he was leaving and was told that he was staying because the people needed to know that the government was intact and operating. Congressman Goodlatte and Cline both stayed in his congressional office taking phone calls from his constituents assuring them that the government was in control. Delegate Cline also described the reception that he got from a Officer when he returned to the office building from lunch. Cline stated that he was stopped by the Officer who advised him that nobody was allowed back into the building and that everyone had to leave. Cline requested the Officer to call the Congressman’s office so that the Officer could talk to Congressman Goodlatte. Cline described the look of surprise on the officers face when Congressman Goodlatte answered the phone and then when the Officer advised Congressman Goodlatte that he should not be in the building and had to leave. Delegate Cline also described the change on the face of the Officer once the Congressman started to talk to him on the phone and the Officer replied numerous times "Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir": The Officer then looked at Cline and said "Go ahead in" and allowed Cline back into the Congressional office building .

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