Friday, October 10, 2008

Sixth District Debate ~Harrisonburg~


I had the opportunity to attend the 6th district debate in Harrisonburg yesterday between the candidates running for the Representative to Congress seat now being held by Congressman Bob Goodlatte. This was my first opportunity to see Democratic party candidate Sam Rasoul other then what I have seen in his numerous “You-Tube” postings were questions were not being asked of his stances on issues. Sam is an impressive speaker and handles himself well in front of a crowd. He has some good ideas and in fact several times I found myself questioning if this was in fact the Democratic Party representative in this election. Several of his stances are not in “Lock-Step” with the local or national Democratic Party and I saw several local “Democrats” squirming in their seats at times.

Coverage of the debate can be found at WHSV, Daily News Record, The NewsLeader, and The NewsVirginian. A large amount of media coverage for this event and many quotes and observations provided in their coverage. Due to the format of this debate, where questions are asked of and applied to all three candidates, there was little confrontation between candidates on issues or follow up questions. As noted in numerous posts here at RightsideVA, there have been numerous instances were, like Obama, Sam has not been asked the hard questions about his ideas and stances on the issues.

During the debate I found several instances where it would have been nice to ask, or have asked, follow up questions to some of Sam’s comments…

Sam has been a strong supporter of “Green Collar Jobs” and has stated several times the benefits that these jobs could bring to the Valley. Construction of wind units, solar panels, and the likes. This is a direction that the country will surely take in the future but how will Sam, and Obama, fund or get these industries up and running? Both candidates talk of the “Corporate Tax Breaks” that the evil oil companies get and how they would eliminate these tax breaks, but how would they fund or “help” these new Green industries? Is “Subsidies” just another form of “Tax breaks”? And how well is that massive “subsidy” of the ethanol industry working out for us in increased food prices, lower mpg, and higher fuel costs?

Sam also spoke about three million jobs being outsourced to other countries and those jobs lost here in the United States. But how does Sam, and Obama, feel about the United States having the second highest corporate tax rate in the world? They are quick to point towards corporate profits but yet fail to acknowledge that corporations DO NOT pay taxes, the consumer pays the taxes in the form of higher prices for the products. If the United States was to lower the high tax rates on our corporations will that not keep our companies from seeking locations in foreign countries that can and do produce products at a cheaper rate? More corporations being able to operate here in the United States equals more American jobs, less and cleaner energy use, and less transportation costs…

Sam also spoke of his middle class tax break and how income earners of less then $50,000 would not pay any taxes at all. Those over $50,000 would pay a graduated tax rate, and like Obama, the top guys will pay their “fair” share. Unfortunately, like Obama, Sam intends to punish those who create and invest the capitol that provide companies, industries, and jobs that keep our economy growing. Like Obama and his promise to provide a tax break to 95% of the income tax payers out there, this is a favorite Democratic Party campaign pledge (Class warfare tactic) that has been used many times. Many of these top income earners have gotten there from hard work, sacrifice, and wise choices. Both Sam, Obama, and the Democratic Party favor punishing those who provide the most capitol investments that we all benefit from. Imagine the benefits of allowing the trillions of dollars that are now “offshore” to avoid large tax rates of bringing that American money back into our country and economy?

Good debate and hope to have the opportunity to ask Sam some of these questions in the future here on this site or in person…

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Anonymous said...

The other factor that is left out is that most tax payers are both high income and low income depending on the stage of their career. Most everyone starts out in the bottom 10%. Think of your first job minimum wage or close to it. Statistically, the vast majority of wage earners will be in the upper 20% of income during their career. Most of these high income wage earners are anything but rich. If they stop working they will be out on the street! Also, many of these high wage earners are at a point in their life with high expenses. (kids in college, elderly parents to look after, etc.) The liberals talk as if all high wage earners are rich. They are not!