Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bob McDonnell: ~MORE Energy, MORE Jobs~


Anonymous said...

McDonnell's going to have to have a plan besides offshore drilling. That's old and tired and people need a new idea. Just rhetoric.

RightsideVA said...

Both McDonnell and Bolling understand that we need a comphrehensive energy plan that includes all forms of energy available and productive...

With that many understand that we can't just switch over to "Green" power within a year and replace the energy sources we have now. Many of the Democrat candidates call for "Green Energy" now but how will they do it with a weaken economy or high energy costs?

We must look at other forms of energy but look at the debacle with pushing ethanol on everybody without looking at costs otherwise:

Drilling offshore is not the only option McDonnell and Bolling are looking at but they understand the importance of using what we have to create jobs, keep energy costs down, and to look at the future.

What do the Democratic Candidates have if gasoline goes again to $4-5 a gallon and the economy stalls?